POE6 – Y o K a n a

POE6 Post 61 Yokana

POE6 Post 61 Yokana 1
 YokianaSL of Yokana Main Store designed this incredibly beautiful gown for her POE gift this year.
POE6 Post 61 Yokana 2
I am pretty much head over heels for the dress which evidently, according to Miss Manners, is NOT a becoming position for a young lady in a ball gown to be in.
POE6 Post 61 Yokana 3
Neither is the “pretzel” or “walking like a duck” even though I argued for quite some time that a swan is not that far removed from a duck and swans are always considered elegant and used as some kind of beautiful, graceful metaphor for ballet where much leaping and leotarding goes on and people never get grabbed by the ear and sat down at the back of the class and have their mother called in and told that perhaps their daughter should take up clogging instead.
GOWN:  Yokana Main Store YK – Eleonore Kingly Gown for POE 6

POE6 – Blue Couture, Silent Woods

POE6 Post 60 Blue Couture, Silent Woods

POE6 Post 60 Blue Couture, Silent Woods 1

Fabulous  whitewashed Skybox with different textured walls, a fire pit and  Christmas trees is  the gift from Lukrezia Laval of Silent Woods.

POE6 Post 60 Blue Couture, Silent Woods 2

I hung out in it in my silvery brocade dress coat from Azull Ash of Blue Couture.
I like wandering around in a skybox all dressed in white.  I used to lie awake at night as a kind wondering what it would be like to be a dead, sitting on a cloud, dressed in white, playing a harp and singing all day.  Second Life gives you a chance to do that … except without the fluffiness.

POE6 Post 60 Blue Couture, Silent Woods 3

Just make sure your mic is not on when you are singing because it sort of ruins the whole effect when other avatars start IM’ing you swearing at you to shut up and stuff.
People swearing and dogs howling tends to ruin some of my best musical performances ….
SKYBOX:  Silent Woods for POE 6

POE6 – Cero Style, Paisley Daisy

POE6 Post 59 Cero Style, Paisley Daisy

POE6 Post 59  Cero Style, Paisley Daisy 1

Two dream dresses in white are perfect visions of angelic beauty for the season.  Osterhase YellowJacket of Cero Style uses feathers to create this lighter than air version and Joeylin of Paisley Daisy tops a soft skirt with a sparkly classic one shouldered bodice.

POE6 Post 59  Cero Style, Paisley Daisy 2

I do have to repeat that this years POE gifts have been absolutely exquisite and pays homage to the class that surrounds this event.

POE6 Post 59  Cero Style, Paisley Daisy 3
Of course the fact I am here is also homage to something.  When I figure it out . . . I will let you know . . .
DRESS:  Paisley Daisy  Angel Lace Gown for POE 6

POE6 – Dot-be Fashion, Piddler’s Perch, LavandaChic

POE6 Post 58 Dot -be, Piddler’s Perch, Lavanda Chic

POE6 Post 58  Dot -be, Piddler's Perch, Lavanda Chic 1

Bonie Facio of Dot-be put together this casual t-shirt and blazer that pairs well with jeans.  The table and chairs are from Rowan Attis of Piddler’s Perch.

POE6 Post 58  Dot -be, Piddler's Perch, Lavanda Chic 2

The purse is one of two options from Uklea of Lavanda Chic.  Love them. They are very cute but then that is exactly what we expect from Uklea who creates lots of must haves.

POE6 Post 58  Dot -be, Piddler's Perch, Lavanda Chic 3
I tried to save money once by buying plain purses and drawing on my own pics but there is a reason why my pictures were always put way up higher than any grade one student or doting grandparent could ever see on those “share your kindergarten with your grandparent” day.
SHIRT AND JACKET:  Dot-be Shirt & Blazer female  for POE 6
PURSE:  LavandaChic*Kokeshi Peace & Love for POE 6
TABLE and CHAIRS – Piddler’s Perch  for POE 6

POE6 – Sascha’s Designs, Absolutely Smitten, Paris METRO Couture

POE6 Post 57 Sascha’s Designs, Absolutely Smitten, Paris METRO Couture

POE6 Post 57 Sascha's Designs,  Absolutely Smitten, Paris METRO Couture 2
 Sascha Frangilli of Sascha’s Designs gifts us with this very pretty blue dress which is an awesome bright spot for the holiday party season and beyond.
POE6 Post 57 Sascha's Designs,  Absolutely Smitten, Paris METRO Couture 1
Alexa Sideways of Absolutely Sideways offers this sort of iridescent  pink gold gown and the shimmering pink purple halter dress is from RFP Morpork of Paris Metro.
POE6 Post 57 Sascha's Designs,  Absolutely Smitten, Paris METRO Couture 3

This is just one of my regular nights out with my best friends … me, myself and I.  We all get on like a house on fire except for that one time when we all liked the same guy … we just had to remind ourselves that it is bras before bros … always.

GOWN:  SAS  (Sascha’s Designs) for POE 6
DRESS:  Paris METRO Couture: danse avec moi for POE 6

POE6 – ArisAris, [Circa]

POE6 Post 56 ArisAris, Circa

POE6 Post 56  ArisAris, Circa 1

Does life get any better than being offered your very own wienie roast set up that you can just open and rez, do your wienies, have a cup of hot chocolate, strum a few tunes and play with a squirrel?  Well that is the stocking stuffer from Cherelle Capra of Circa.  I love that her stuff is always what you expect and more.  Like no ordinary squirrels or bargain cheap ass wienies EVER.

POE6 Post 56  ArisAris, Circa 2

And the coat from Adiadna Garrigus of  ArisAris is perfect for rolling in the snow.  Lots of people like white for winter wear but I have lost so many good friends and family members in the snow because they go to roll and they just blend in and we never find them until spring thaw and it is not a pretty sight let me tell you.

POE6 Post 56  ArisAris, Circa 3
Canadians chose red and white for their flag for a very good reason.  It is so when, at the New Years Party, people tend to get drunk and then naked (not always in that order) and go running out into the night with a flag flying off their shoulders like super man … they can be found.  We care about finding our drunks in Canada.  We are really responsible that way.
COAT:  ***ArisAris AA7 Stars Mini Coat for POE 6
FIRE SCENE:  [CIRCA] Living Woodlands Winter  Campfire for POE 6

POE6 – Snowpaws, Wilson’s Designs, K Collection

POE6 Post 55 Snowpaws, Wilson’s Closet, Liv Glam

POE6 Post 55 Snowpaws, Wilson's Closet, Liv Glam 1

A trio of dresses pretty enough to make a bouquet!!

POE6 Post 55 Snowpaws, Wilson's Closet, Liv Glam 2

Gia Citron of Snowpaws, Marcy Wilson of Wilson’s Closet, and Kim Lysette of Liv Glam offer these gifts for POE this year.

POE6 Post 55 Snowpaws, Wilson's Closet, Liv Glam 3
Clothes can be make into flowers if you bunch them up really tight and glue gun them into flower shapes.  Even if they are not that convincing, they are completely unexpected … so much so that when your mom comes to check on whether you cleaned your room so you can be ungrounded, you can say “here mom I made you some dirty underwear roses” and she will stand there with her mouth open, completely NOT looking at all the stuff making a mountain hidden under your carpet, and you will have enough time to climb out the window and disappear down the street.
Trust me … works  … well at least the first time it works … although if you get put in a troubled girls home you can do it with the guards once too .. but jail guards are not quite as easily distracted with flowers.  I think it is because the underwear there is just not convincing.
DRESS:  Snowpaws – Epais Dress for POE 6
DRESS:  Wilson’s Closet for POE 6
DRESS:  Liv Glam [LG] K Collection Busy (for me) Coat Dress for POE 6

POE6 – Corrupted Innocence, Wings of Enchantment, Stonewood Interiors

POE6 Post 54 Corrupted Innocence, Wings of Enchantment, Stonewood Interiors

POE6 Post 54  Corrupted Innocence, Michigan, Stonewood Interiors 2

Sometimes you have to put on a dress and go an find a party but this dress from Kira Paderborn of Corrupted Innocence IS a party.  I put it on and suddenly champagne appeared in my hand, a noise maker was in my hand and people were trying to kiss me even without any mistletoe … or it might have been me trying to kiss them … I get all confused in the mingle of lips and limbs …

POE6 Post 54  Corrupted Innocence, Michigan, Stonewood Interiors 1
I was dancing on the table . . . and may I say that Hallie Callisto of Stonewood Interiors makes a very sturdy, a very consumer safe and danceable table.    The fireplace and tree were awesome for the ambiance of the whole evening.  They are from Jiovi Michigan of Michigan – man she is is one talented lady making all kinds of goodies to bless our SL lives with.

POE6 Post 54  Corrupted Innocence, Michigan, Stonewood Interiors 3

I am just hoping that next year someone comes up with a hud to remove all the lipstick stains off your cheeks so that  you don’t have to explain yourself to everyone.  I can’t help myself.  I love my avatar and lipstick is not only hard to get off your cheeks … it is hard to get off the computer screen.

Or maybe it is just the 18 year old Avon lipstick that I always seem to get in my Christmas stocking … that and the perfume that smells like they raided all the Senior Homes and mixed together everyone’s grandma’s 50 year old perfume to come up with one reprehensible smell.

I think Avon probably not only kills rabbits … I am pretty sure the people in the lab are dead too …

DRESS:  Corrupted Innocence – Zipper Dress  for POE 6
KITCHEN TABLE AND CHAIRS:  Wings of Enchantment @ Michigan Bay for POE 6
FIREPLACE AND TREE:  Stonewood Interiors for POE 6

POE6 – Sonatta Morales, Ishtari Design Concepts

POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales, ..::IDC::.. Ishtari Design Concepts

POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales,  Ishtari Design Concepts 2
Have always loved Sonatta Morales’ Designs and this POE gift is no exception.  I love pairing it with the Vintage furniture offering from Ishtari Design Concept’s Alyssa Warden.
POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales,  Ishtari Design Concepts 1
“Vintage” is reserved for the very classiest of the old stuff … the stuff that the kids actually want as opposed to the boxes up in the attic of equally old stuff that is referred to as “junk” and that the kids always grimace when you hand it to them and smile and put it in their trunk and then stop off at the local landfill on their way home where they throw it onto the pile of other “vintage unwanted” junk labelled “Aunt Mary’s china,”  “Grandma Jo’s crocheted table cloths” and books on how to be the perfect wife so as not to embarrass your husband.
POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales,  Ishtari Design Concepts 3
I hope that I end up being labelled “vintage” and not “junk,” as I age.  I don’t like the landfill sites, even though I have found some awesome china, books and crocheted table cloths there.
The place stinks.
Kinda like some of the old folks homes  . . . only with more seagulls.

OUTFIT:  Peace Bird by Sonatta Morales *8* for POE 6

FURNITURE:    Ishtari Design Concepts  ..::IDC::.. “Vintage Holiday” Home Decor for POE 6


POE6 – MASH Fashion, EXplicite Designs

POE6 Post 52 Mash Fashion, EXplicite Designs

POE6 Post 52 Mash, EXplicite Designs 1

Jiovi Michigan of Mash created the perfect dress for Christmas in Australia and who does not love a luxurious bed all done up with linens?  Ramzi Xofan from eXplicite Designs does a smashing green and brown ensemble.

POE6 Post 52 Mash, EXplicite Designs 2

You just kinda want to lie around a pretend that you have handmaidens tp brush your hair and hunky guys in loin cloths with palm leaves to fan you and feed you grapes.

I think imaginary games are important to a healthy life.  You need to do something to fill in those long pauses between birth and death … the tricky part is getting your family to play along ….

POE6 Post 52 Mash, EXplicite Designs 3

Not sure why hubby is such a baby about putting on a loin cloth … I mean come on … walking around in his underwear is not the same thing at all ….although the problem might be the kind of underwear he has.  It is hard to get romantic when someone is wearing jocks with dancing muffins and airplanes flying with the word “stud” written on the banners they are pulling.

DRESS:  MASH Paige  for POE 6
BED:  eXplicite Designs for POE 6