POE6 – Cero Style, Paisley Daisy

POE6 Post 59 Cero Style, Paisley Daisy

POE6 Post 59  Cero Style, Paisley Daisy 1

Two dream dresses in white are perfect visions of angelic beauty for the season.  Osterhase YellowJacket of Cero Style uses feathers to create this lighter than air version and Joeylin of Paisley Daisy tops a soft skirt with a sparkly classic one shouldered bodice.

POE6 Post 59  Cero Style, Paisley Daisy 2

I do have to repeat that this years POE gifts have been absolutely exquisite and pays homage to the class that surrounds this event.

POE6 Post 59  Cero Style, Paisley Daisy 3
Of course the fact I am here is also homage to something.  When I figure it out . . . I will let you know . . .
DRESS:  Paisley Daisy  Angel Lace Gown for POE 6

POE5 – Special Jewell’s Photography, Fire GOOD!!! , IW* Inga Wind, Dot-Be, KaTink, CERO STYLE, ChiChickie!, SAS Sascha’s Designs,Stars!, Style by Kira

Happy New Year!!!
Back to work, well, never stopped lol, but almost routine again.
If you not hunted in the amazing stores that are joined POE5,
you still have time until Jan. 6th,
take a look of what you miss if you not went yet:
Style by Kira
ChiChickie! Holidays 2012 – Serafina – Hair
Stars! Ruby stud (gold)
SAS – Special POE Gown
Style by Kira – Amber Skin 01POE1 opt.1
Special Jewell
Holiday Bears ~ Original Art by Special Jewell ~S Framed 2 prim
Dot-BE Peace cardigan Female
Fire GOOD!!!
KaTink – Christmas Scene
*IW* Isa in Red complete outfit
Info, start point and hints

POE5 – Donna Flora, CERO Style, WTG

Well 2013 is hours a way in the UK and I’m looking forwardto the New Year. In SL 2012 was an amazing year something which I’ll remember forever so thank you to every one who supported me. Anyway for my last post for 2012 I decided to take part in the Peace on Earth Hunt where I picked up this beautiful mesh dress from Donna Flora which I fell in love with as soon as I tried it on and I knew theese Maitreya boots would look great with it. I added a hair from Truth and dark make up and Im ready to Rock n Roll. Happy New Year to everyone reading! I hope It brings you lots of happiness! Time to forget all our mistakes and turn a new page.

Want Theese Items: Dress:Angela Dress from Donna Flora ( POE Item)


Ok,Ok So I’m in a much happier mood today, and the blog title and my mood reflects on the fact I’m looking forward to watching Twlight tonight, Got to love New Year’s Day! Anyway yesterday I managed to hit  quite a few stores to do the Peace on Earth Hunt! I saw this dress and I knew instantly this was the first place I wanted to go was Cero. I have a really huge crush on black & white dresses. When I saw WTG on the list i had to head over there where the gift is this beautiful gothic necklace and earrings.

Want Theese Items:

Dress: POE5 Dress from Cero Style (POE Item)

Jewerally: Xoanon Earrings and Necklace from WTG (POE Item)

POE5 – Wintersuperwonderland, Adorkable Poses, RNB Designs, Cero Style, B&T Atelier, SL Imports,

The 5th Annual PEACE ON EARTH Hunt brings together generous and creative designers with gifts of clothing for men & women, furniture & homes, toys, furnishings, accessories, and too much to list all.

Here is a look at some of the gifts being offered to you by generous designers.


POE Hunt Gift from SL imports is a box of Christmas tree decorations.   Box is loaded with 11 ornaments.

WINTERSUPERWONDERLAND POE hunt gifts if a half globe with doves that is animated.  Click the globe and your doves fly.


 Adorkable Poses gives you 6 poses

*RnB Designs Furniture* Christmas Library Bench comes with  20 Anims  and wall decoration.

Cero Style gifts to you these black pants with a black and white shirt, but I have worn the pants with a sweater from B&T Atelier Mesh Studio

For more information on the POE Hunt please visit the web site