POE5 – Fatal

The ideal outfit to sit in the house and relax. This outfit from Fatal in the POE hunt is perfect. The mesh jeans and mesh cardigan gives you comfort. The Mens Christmas Comfy from [d.l.s.] as advent calender gift on 18 december makes you feel at home.

POE5 box #106FATALFatal duover cardigan – fatal horizon jeans




POE5 – Innuendo Italian style

Peace on earth hunt brings so much wonderfulls. With this outfit from innuendo you are ready for the winter time and a walk in a park. The brown colour in the pants and the jacket just perfectly suits the sweater and gives you a warm feeling. The detailed collar on the sweater gives you that chic feeling. Don’t i look classy? Innuendo italian style brings you all of this… and the important part here its FREE !! So what are u waiting for?

POE box 156 Innuendo italian Style*LUCASbrown* by Ciccia Bergamasco
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POE5 – Finishing Touches

The peace on earth hunt has so much designers in it and so much stuffs in it and since i needed some nice furniture in the house, these from fineshing touches just completed the house. With Xmas close by who doesn’t like to have peace on earth? Lately Flow came out with some new mesh items aswell and oh boy look at these sweatpants and u-neck shirt. I so love how they give you that sporty look, it almost is like they are brought rl in sl. To finesh the look i added some leather shoes white and black from dot-be fashion.

POE 115finishing touches *FT* Bentwood chair – Peace on earth *FT* Boutique table texture chg – peace on earth *FT* Saquare frames trio – peace on earth

POE5 – Wilson’s Designs for Men

The purpose of POE is to provide a wonderfully joyous experience to showcase many talent designers, across a variety of communities, bringing them all together during this most festive season. There are sponsors who have generously donated their advertising and there is no fees charged to any involved…. i was dreaming away to this song … Everytime i close my eyes …

Outfit : **Wilson’s  Designs for Men  – #65 POE hunt
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