POE6 – MASH Fashion, EXplicite Designs

POE6 Post 52 Mash Fashion, EXplicite Designs

POE6 Post 52 Mash, EXplicite Designs 1

Jiovi Michigan of Mash created the perfect dress for Christmas in Australia and who does not love a luxurious bed all done up with linens?  Ramzi Xofan from eXplicite Designs does a smashing green and brown ensemble.

POE6 Post 52 Mash, EXplicite Designs 2

You just kinda want to lie around a pretend that you have handmaidens tp brush your hair and hunky guys in loin cloths with palm leaves to fan you and feed you grapes.

I think imaginary games are important to a healthy life.  You need to do something to fill in those long pauses between birth and death … the tricky part is getting your family to play along ….

POE6 Post 52 Mash, EXplicite Designs 3

Not sure why hubby is such a baby about putting on a loin cloth … I mean come on … walking around in his underwear is not the same thing at all ….although the problem might be the kind of underwear he has.  It is hard to get romantic when someone is wearing jocks with dancing muffins and airplanes flying with the word “stud” written on the banners they are pulling.

DRESS:  MASH Paige  for POE 6
BED:  eXplicite Designs for POE 6

POE6 – Butterfly Effectz

POE6 Post 51 Butterfly Effectz

POE6 Post 51 Butterfly Effectz 1

 Horns are just so freaking versatile, like should any craft box be without them?

POE6 Post 51 Butterfly Effectz 2

I keep mine between the glitter and the finger paints.  It goes Glitter, Horns, Finger Paint, Feathers, Buttons … etc ….
You can put them on your car, on your fence posts, in the barn, the wall of your office  . . . or wear them on your head.  You can’t do that with glitter.  It would look ridiculous to have glitter on the barn, not to mention how nervous it makes the cows and then they don’t let down their milk … just not going to happen.
I have to ask you seriously … is there another single blog here in SL that is a source of such a varied and important list of topics?  I mean think of all the ways I bless your life with the little tidbits of “must have” info I share.  Now you know why the cows never produced as much milk when your grand dad wore that bra with sequins under his overalls.  Mystery solved.

POE6 Post 51 Butterfly Effectz 3

I paired my horns with LadyCatherine Fairey’s gown from Butterfly Effectz.  Wear it to the barn and the cows will be totally into anything.  Cows are big on horns.  You know what they say about big horns in the cow world.   What with their failing eyesight … wear the horn headpiece and the world becomes your dairy store oyster only not in the sea of course.  Trust me.  I know these things.
GOWN:   Butterfly Effectz for POE 6
POSES:  Dare (NLA)

POE6 – Angel Dessous, Egoisme, Immerse

POE6 Post 50 Angel Dessous, Egoisme, Immerse

POE6 Post 50 Angel Dessous,  Egoisme,  Immerse 1

Ramses Meredith of Egoisme created this lovely imitation of a pepperminty candy cane for a dress for the season .. but I can tell you that licking it does not give you minty fresh breath.

POE6 Post 50 Angel Dessous,  Egoisme,  Immerse 2

Nando Korobase of Angel Dessous provides snowflakes and fur and sparkle and long gloves to put the magic into the night and sequins and ruffles from Lilly Juno of Immerse dance their way across your dreams.

I like to take a whole wardrobe when I go out so I can change costumes and play any role that happens to present itself.  I just think it makes the whole evening more fun and you can share your costumes!!

POE6 Post 50 Angel Dessous,  Egoisme,  Immerse 3

That and  … I tend to spill on myself . . . a lot …

DRESS  SQUINED:   Immerse Carrie for POE 6
DRESS STRIPED:   Egoisme for POE 6
DRESS SNOWFLAKE:  Angel Dessous-Hannah, christmas edition for POE 6

POE6 – Irodori

POE6 Post 49 IrodorI

POE6 Post 49 IrodorI 1

Ooyukichioo of IrodorI gifts us with this fabulous outfit that is absolutely gorgeous!  I feel like a painting when I walk around in it.

POE6 Post 49 IrodorI 2

I so want one in real life.  I want to calmly walk into the garden and make all the neighbours jealous.  I know they would be jealous because that is how it all goes down in my head and whatever my head wants, it just goes with.  I mean like the lack of participation from the outside world is irrelevant.  Facts are irrelevant  . . .

POE6 Post 49 IrodorI 3
Thus is the power of the kimono and my mind … like super hero status on voluminous beautiful materialed steroids . . .
HAIR and OUTFIT:  –IrodorI– Harmony for POE 6


POE6 POST 47 Evolve

POE6 POST 47 Evolve 1

You should never assume that people aren’t paying attention.

POE6 POST 47 Evolve 2
I put on this beautiful gown from Reign Congrejo of Evolve and my mother in law passed by the computer and asked “Where is your girlie’s boyfriend?”
“What boyfriend?”
“The little guy with the ears?”
“That was an elf.”
“Looked more like a monkey to me.”
“Well yes, I was using an elf, and then a sock monkey elf, and then a guy .. it was just a kind of something to write about for all these POE posts.”
“I wasn’t judging you, each to their own.  Just because I would never date a sock, or an elf, doesn’t mean that you can’t.  I mean we don’t always have much choice do we?”
And she patted my arm and shuffled off to watch TV.
POE6 POST 47 Evolve 3
I heard her on the phone later telling my sister in law that I was dating a sock monkey but  . . . it didn’t work out.  She was trying to verify if that was some sign that I needed to be committed.

POE6 – 1 Hundred, AlaFolie, Shiki, {Aya} Toys – Origami – Fun

POE6 Post 46 1 Hundred, AlaFolie, Shiki, Aya

POE6 Post 46 1 Hundred, AlaFolie, Shiki, Aya 1
Ladies in white … I love starting with blank canvas and I always think white kinda disarms people and they let their guard down a bit.  I mean you can’t just misbehave in a vacuum .. where is the fun in that???
POE6 Post 46 1 Hundred, AlaFolie, Shiki, Aya 2
Sira Savira or 1Hundred, Pixivore Allen of AlaFolie and Shinichi Mathy of Shiki have all offered virginal deflectors for the holiday season.  Aya Mactavish gifted us with a cool butterfly typer that puts butterflies dancing all around you whenever you type.  I am thinking this would be so cool in real life.  Imagine having to deliver bad news to someone and as you speak there are butterflies everywhere to help soften the blow.  I mean Snow White was always pretty happy and she had butterflies around her all the time.  I think that is a given, have butterflies and everything seems better … although if you were in love with a caterpillar and then came to see them one day and they were gone with all their butterfly friends and left you without any word that would kinda suck.  THAT person would not probably appreciate a butterfly typer … but the rest will.
POE6 Post 46 1 Hundred, AlaFolie, Shiki, Aya 3
Oh . . . and about me disarming people … I do give their arms back after all the misbehaving fun is over.
BUTTERFLIES:  Butterfly Typer AYA  for POE 6
DRESS:  1 Hundred V.I.P. Dress for POE 6
DRESS:  SHIKI-WHITE PARTY couture dress for POE 6

POE6 – TOPAZIA, Vintage Jewels

POE6 Post 45 Topazia, Vintage Jewels

POE6 Post 45 Topazia, Vintage Jewels 1

Such a feeling of relief to have finally washed all the elf patrol outta my hair.  I feel lighter and freer and frankly one should always dress to suit one’s mood.

POE6 Post 45 Topazia, Vintage Jewels 2
Clearly Theo Tremont of Topazia understood there would be a need for this catharsis with this outfit.  Every outfit needs a fascinator like this one from RKThings Crystal of Vintage .. and more so if you are going to the races in Australia.  These women are like absolutely mesmerized by fascinators .. forget the pipe music … if you ever need to lead a bunch of Australian woman away or to something and they are not co-operating … dangle a fascinator … you will have them.
POE6 Post 45 Topazia, Vintage Jewels 3
Just don’t wear this outfit to the races in Australia, I imagine those horses are hungry after running all that way and they are not allowed to eat the fascinators … those things are holy.
DRESS:  TOPAZIA-live me in dandelion for POE 6
FASCINATOR:  Vintage Jewels for POE 6

POE6 – Arlene’s Fashions, Cilian’gel, Kastle Rock Couture

POE6 Post 44: Arlene’s Fashions, Cilian’gel, Kastle Rock Couture

POE6 Post 44 Arlene's Fashions, Cilian'gel, Kastle Rock Couture 1
3 lovely options for your big nights out during the holidays.  Arlene Bronet or Arlene’s Fashions took the world and peace doves and worked her magic into an off the shoulder form fitting gown perfect for your New Year Celebration.
POE6 Post 44 Arlene's Fashions, Cilian'gel, Kastle Rock Couture 2

Cilia Shepherd of Cilian’gel goes gold and glitter with a one shouldered gown pinned in diamonds while Spooky Mistwallow of Kastle Rock Couture wraps a soft netted full skirt with a candy cane green top.

POE6 Post 44 Arlene's Fashions, Cilian'gel, Kastle Rock Couture 3

The red suspenders are from Elves Warehouse and look great with the striped red shirt.  They also work well for barbershops but only if you can twirl well.
OUTFIT COMPLETE:  Arlene’s Fashions Rana Dove Glitter Mesh Gown  for POE 6
OUTFIT:  Got Dolled Up? Golden Mermaid Gown Mesh Set-Cilian’gel  for POE 6
OUTFIT:  Kastle Rock Couture :KR: Julia Gown for POE 6

POE6 – Shoenique Designs, [ba] barnesworth anubis

POE6 Post 43 Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis

POE6 Post 43  Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis 1

I think Santa has a sadistic streak.  I was just celebrating dressing to mourn the loss of my beloved SocElfky who had some kind of drowning accident in a  snow globe of all the darned things, and I figured with only a couple of days until Christmas, everyone would be busy and I would have some free time to “deck the halls.”

Enter the new improved heftier elf wrestler.  My official “date” for the festivities.

I think it is important to take a date to funerals.

POE6 Post 43  Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis 2
Ellie Monk of Shoenique Designs designed this awesome specimen of a dress and Barnesworth Anubis did the fireplace which I crawled up on to try and get away from Melf – the man elf that is creepier than all the other attendants assigned to me thus far.
POE6 Post 43  Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis 3

Short men always look so smug because let’s face it … they really have no choice but to be looking at your breasts when they talk to you … I mean unless you are willing to carry a stool around for them, which I am not.

I found this guy’s pic on one of those dating sites where he describes himself as a happy easy kind of guy, good at making lists and checking it twice, and liking long walks in the snow.   I moved the profile to ebay.

I am selling him for the first person who offers a dollar.

Yes Elves do not hold their value much at this time of the year.  I think there are just too many of them flooding the market …everyone is getting in on the gig.   If he doesn’t sell by midnight I am going to just plant him in the front yard next to the garden gnomes.

OUTFIT INCLUDES JEWELLERY AND SHOES:  Shoenique Designs **SD** Livia Gold Fulloutfit for POE 6
FIREPLACE:  Barnesworth Anubis  for POE 6


POE6 – KaTink Poses and More…, Asteria Creations, *SoliDea FoliEs*

POE6 Post 42 KaTink, Asteria Creations, SoliDea FoliEs

POE6 Post 42 KaTink, Asteria Creations, SoliDea FoliEs 1
When I was a kid I thought it would be so cool to live in a snow globe.  They were always so pretty and peaceful.  I got to try it with AnneMarit Jarvinen’s effort for POE from her fab store KaTink.
POE6 Post 42 KaTink, Asteria Creations, SoliDea FoliEs 2

Of course part of my feeling so awesome was thanks to Mila Tathem of Solidea Folies and her headpiece and this gorgeous sexy gown from Katherine Asteria of Asteria Creations.

POE6 Post 42 KaTink, Asteria Creations, SoliDea FoliEs 3

But you know what?  THAT was a dream as a little girl.  Now as an adult… I would prefer that OTHER people go and live in a Globe.

Did you know that no-one can hear you scream in there?  And it doesn’t even matter if a tree falls or if anyone is in there in the forest with you …

Looking up now how to stuff Sock Monkey Elves into Globes.  Come on Google.

HEAD PIECE:  *SoliDea FoliEs* Lil Snow / headpiece
GOWN:  Asteria Creations – Oriantel Night Gown  for POE 6
GLOBE and POSES:  KaTink  for POE 6