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POE 6 gifts

by Genevieve Kamala

All the furniture and props come from the wonderful POE 6 gifts, you still have 2 days to enjoy them, hurry up and complete your hunt:

FURNITURE: BA Peace on Earth hunt fireplace
PARK PLACE candles on candlesticks
APHRODITE Tnaksgiving centerpiece
AN LEMA Furniture bed and rug



POE6 – Arlene’s Fashions, Cilian’gel, Kastle Rock Couture

POE6 Post 44: Arlene’s Fashions, Cilian’gel, Kastle Rock Couture

POE6 Post 44 Arlene's Fashions, Cilian'gel, Kastle Rock Couture 1
3 lovely options for your big nights out during the holidays.  Arlene Bronet or Arlene’s Fashions took the world and peace doves and worked her magic into an off the shoulder form fitting gown perfect for your New Year Celebration.
POE6 Post 44 Arlene's Fashions, Cilian'gel, Kastle Rock Couture 2

Cilia Shepherd of Cilian’gel goes gold and glitter with a one shouldered gown pinned in diamonds while Spooky Mistwallow of Kastle Rock Couture wraps a soft netted full skirt with a candy cane green top.

POE6 Post 44 Arlene's Fashions, Cilian'gel, Kastle Rock Couture 3

The red suspenders are from Elves Warehouse and look great with the striped red shirt.  They also work well for barbershops but only if you can twirl well.
OUTFIT COMPLETE:  Arlene’s Fashions Rana Dove Glitter Mesh Gown  for POE 6
OUTFIT:  Got Dolled Up? Golden Mermaid Gown Mesh Set-Cilian’gel  for POE 6
OUTFIT:  Kastle Rock Couture :KR: Julia Gown for POE 6

POE6 – Shoenique Designs, [ba] barnesworth anubis

POE6 Post 43 Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis

POE6 Post 43  Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis 1

I think Santa has a sadistic streak.  I was just celebrating dressing to mourn the loss of my beloved SocElfky who had some kind of drowning accident in a  snow globe of all the darned things, and I figured with only a couple of days until Christmas, everyone would be busy and I would have some free time to “deck the halls.”

Enter the new improved heftier elf wrestler.  My official “date” for the festivities.

I think it is important to take a date to funerals.

POE6 Post 43  Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis 2
Ellie Monk of Shoenique Designs designed this awesome specimen of a dress and Barnesworth Anubis did the fireplace which I crawled up on to try and get away from Melf – the man elf that is creepier than all the other attendants assigned to me thus far.
POE6 Post 43  Shoenique Designs, Barnesworth Anubis 3

Short men always look so smug because let’s face it … they really have no choice but to be looking at your breasts when they talk to you … I mean unless you are willing to carry a stool around for them, which I am not.

I found this guy’s pic on one of those dating sites where he describes himself as a happy easy kind of guy, good at making lists and checking it twice, and liking long walks in the snow.   I moved the profile to ebay.

I am selling him for the first person who offers a dollar.

Yes Elves do not hold their value much at this time of the year.  I think there are just too many of them flooding the market …everyone is getting in on the gig.   If he doesn’t sell by midnight I am going to just plant him in the front yard next to the garden gnomes.

OUTFIT INCLUDES JEWELLERY AND SHOES:  Shoenique Designs **SD** Livia Gold Fulloutfit for POE 6
FIREPLACE:  Barnesworth Anubis  for POE 6


POE6 – INNUENDO Italian Style, Beloved Jewelry, Amacci, Nailed It, Geniwian, PRIME, [domus], Kismet, [ba] barnesworth anubis, Zen Creations, Mohna Lisa Couture, +:+WTG+:+, Blush Skins, Shellac, ..::IDC::.. Ishtari Design Concepts inSL, JoHaDeZ “Poetic Furniture”, Sway’s

POE 6 2013 Post 7 ELEGANCE

by Genevieve Kamala

The festive season is the perfect time for that special gown, so today I show you two of the great gifts from POE.

The first one is a long, classic, sensual gown by Innuendo, long elegant and so red! It is lovely to wear, with or without its matching fur.


DRESS . APPLE INNUENDO red mesh gown
JEWELS : BELOVED Jewelry Noel earrings, headpiece and necklace with ruby
SKIN : AMACCI Ranya (pale) Peace
NAILS: : Nailed it

GENIWIAN Rocking chair with cushion
PRIME Christmas char white and red
DOMUS POE6 gift (hanging xmas tree)
K Snowflake tree decorated
BA Holiday fireplace
ZEN CREATIONS Peace blocks and cushions

The second outfit is by Mohna Lisa Couture, a long daring gown accompanied by the skimpiest top, this is an attire that speaks of your attitude…..


DRESS: MOHNA LISA COUTURE Allure skirt and top
JEWELS : WTG Holy Gold ear pierces, jeweled nails, necklace
SKIN : BLUSH SKINS Rae light tan natural cleavage
MAKE UP: SHEILAC Frost Fest red, frost fest snowflake

IDC Looking for Santa Clock
JOHADEZ Classica table Peace
ZEN CREATIONS Peace on Earth Tree scene, here showing the tree and gift boxes only
SWAY’S SHELF Yin and Yang shelves with and without deco


POE6 – Ooh-la-la-licious Skins, Shellac, Baboom Couture, IMaGE Factory, Wicca’s Wardrobe, *PosESioN*, MEP Martie’s Elegant Plants, [ba] barnesworth anubis, Park Place Home Decor, Special Jewell’s Fine Art Photography

POE 6 2013 Post 2

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by Genevieve Kamala in Beauty and Lifestyles in slFantasy and funFashion in slmix and matchNew fashionPOE 6 2013 Tags: 

Baboom! Today I show you the great Lotus mesh gown by BABOOM,  with:

Skin: OOH-la-la-licious snow blossom caramel vivid for POE
Make up : Sheilac Frost Fest Snowflake Layer
Jewel:  Image factory Peace necklace
Poses : Posesion for POE6, Wicca angel for POE6
Props : MEP Martie’s elegant plants Solitary plant, BA Holiday fireplace (with candles), candlesticks and festive wreath from Park Place Home and Hearth Fireplace, Special Jewell’s Fine Art framed photo (Holiday Peace Lily)

The skybox, also a gift on the hunt path,  is a perfect setting for these photos and for my festive season, it is fun to decorate it in different ways with all these amazing gifts.

Have fun hunting, enjoy!