POE6 – Ample Avi – Full Figure Shapes, BlueMoon Enterprise

POE6 Post 21 Ample Avi, Blue Moon Enterprise

POE6 Post 21 Ample Avi, Blue Moon Enterprise 1
Xme Xui of Ample Avi created this shape for her Christmas gift under the POE tree.  I paired it with this exquisitely detailed gown from Solas with Blue Moon Enterprise.  You have butterfly like angels, stars and sparkles and O little Town of Bethlehem or the little mountain cabin love nest  (your call) all in your dress!!  Who needs a purse???
POE6 Post 21 Ample Avi, Blue Moon Enterprise 2
I miss snow at Christmas time … I mean just for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I love the “nesting feeling” where you snuggle in around a fire and your whole family is there …. Grandma screaming from the bedroom that she can’t find her dentures … one of the kids throwing up on the new bedding you just bought … Uncle Elmer passed out under the tree somewhere … the other kids high on candy fighting over who gets to pick the cookies for Santa and dad watching hockey and having a swell time while you cry that you will never make it through the night ….
It just screams … THIS is the best night ever!!!  Well next to that second week in January when all the bills come in and you wonder what the hell you were thinking and how can a bunch of twinkling lights and shiny stuff so mesmerize you into buying a laughing reindeer that glows in the dark, and opens its mouth so you can open beer bottles on it’s teeth would be a good idea for the rec room??  THAT day is pretty epic too.
POE6 Post 21 Ample Avi, Blue Moon Enterprise 3
Anyway be quiet because this girl elf showed up last night saying she had baked “brownies” for Schmelf and they are somewhere in my dress … “eating them” and doing a whole lot of laughing ….  (he went with the little cabin in the woods love nest theme).
SHAPE:  Ample Avi for POE 6
OUTFIT:  Blue Moon Enterprise BMe Peace on Earth Dress for POE 6


POE5 – Blush, Ample Avi, Sassy, Timelines Vintage Couture, Ear Candy, Winter Super Wonderland, Kismet, Muse Poses

Original post by Harper Beresford

Gifts to Make You Smile

Peace begins with a smile. ~ Mother Teresa

Gifts to Make You Smile

The Peace on Earth hunt begins tomorrow at over 200 stores and the gifts that I have seen are incredible. Take, for example, this glittering ball gown from Ivy Burner. I mean, this is a gift???  Are you kidding? I would pay good money for this! With its beautifully texture bodice and swirling iridescent skirts, it’s worth far more than the time it will take to find it hidden at Sassy. Add the jewelry I show from Maeve Mortlock and Geeb Snowpaw, and you have beautiful pieces for the cost of what? A few minutes of time doing the fun of hunting.

Gifts to Make You Smile

The hunt also has several skins. This skin by Marie Whitfield is a wonderful example of the generosity of skin makers. With three tones, each with two cleavage options, it’s quite a score. I am wearing the skin on a shape from Xme Xue, who makes my favorite plus-sized avatar shapes. They always have beautiful faces, sexy curves, and proportionate silhouettes.

Several creators are giving out décor rather than avatar items. I show a birdbath from Ittibitti Monday and a gorgeous fountain from Cierra Anatine. The fountain itself is worth quite a bit with Cierra’s beautful textures and would be lovely in any décor.

Gifts to Make You Smile

“I don’t know what’s in the box, but I love it. Unopened gifts contain hope.” ~ Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible


Skin: [BLUSH] Selma Skin Tan – Nude (Enhanced Cleavage) by Marie Whitfield for [BLUSH], available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Shape: !  Ample Avi – TRYSTE – POE5 Gift by Xme Xue for Ample Avi, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Gown:  ~Sassy!~ Whitney gown – sky by Ivy Burner for ~Sassy!~, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Necklace: Timelines vintage necklace – Peace On Earth 2012 by Geeb Snowpaw for Timelines Vintage Couture, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Earrings: Ear Candy ~ POE 2012 Earring by Maeve Mortlock for Ear Candy, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Birdbath: Half globe birdbath with animated doves by Ittibitti Monday for ! Winter Super Wonderland, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Fountain: *K* Florentine Dove Fountain by Cierra Anatine for Kismet, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Poses by Audrey Cresci for The Muse Poses, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *