POE5 – Hatpins, Wilson’s, Inga Wind Clothing, Amaranthus, Element Hair, Callie Cline

Hello again… a last POE5 Hunt post with a few little goodies from among the many excellent gifts, this time with a little bit more whimsical tone. Again, all SLURLs can be found at the official hunt hint list. Remember, the hunt finishes the 6th so there’s not much time left if you haven’t done it yet.

POE Hunt Part 4 - 1

I like the character that came together for this post. S/he’s a bit of Dickens meets Narnia. It’s hard at times to spot the difference between a sculpt and mesh but mesh does seem to enable better sculpting. I know nothing about mesh… except everything about the shape issue ;P… but seeing the more complex sculpting and perfect texture baking I understand and agree with the ‘hype’. I think that only mesh could succeed in making a grey knitted scarf an object of beauty.The as excellent sim is Crimarizon, Crimarizon 2 to be finicky with the details. A wonderful build… builds… with lots of magic nooks and crannies to explore and gawp over. You’ll find me here the next few days me thinks.

POE Hunt Part 4 - 2

Hat, scarf and pince-nez: #32 Hatpins. Unrigged mesh.
Vest, bow tie: Part of #65 Wilson’s. What can I say but bow tie! The bow tie is copy mod so a real real treasure.
Gloves: Part of the four complete outfits that’s included in the gift from #5 Inga Wind Clothing. rigged mesh.
Pocket watch: #27 Amaranthus, a working hunter-case watch that’s comes in both left and right versions.
Little butterfly on ear:  The main gift at #120 Element Hair is an excellent mesh hair, but there’s also this little green fella.Ring: #104 Callie Cline. Colour change.

POE Hunt Part 4 - 3Until next time, take care and have fun!


POE5 – Amaranthus, MEB, Weekend Salvage

POE5  22  Amaranthus, MEB, Weekend Salvage 1

We like to build fires in the middle of frozen lakes during the winter …

POE5  22  Amaranthus, MEB, Weekend Salvage 2

You might think “OH NO!! That will go right through the ice and then everyone will fall in and die!” but that does not happen.

POE5  22  Amaranthus, MEB, Weekend Salvage 3

I am going to give you some alone time so you can think about how cold it has to be for a huge lake to freeze so hard that a bonfire built on it does not melt the ice.
You can send your sympathy cards to any Canadian.
They will appreciate it … if you send enough … they will be able to have a huge bonfire.

POCKET WATCH:  *Amaranthus* Growth Pocket-Watch (POE5)
SKYBOX:  POE5Weekend Salvage
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