POE6 – Hudson’s Clothing Co.

POE6 Post 12 Hudson’s

POE6 Post 12 Hudson's 1

Schmelf said he had to attend anywhere I went so I added him as a wrist corsage.  I stuffed flowers in his mouth, nose and ears and used three hat pins to make sure he did not slide off my gloves … they were satin … it could have been a terrible accident if I had not been so diligent in pinning him carefully.

POE6 Post 12 Hudson's 2
I told the lady next door it was just a stray cat in heat screaming and that she should not worry about it … I would hose him off.
Candace Hudson of Hudson’s did a nice job with the style and the colour of this dress, her gift for POE6.  I wasn’t sure I could carry rivets but they actually looked awesome and they helped to keep the dress up on my less than ample bosoms.   Some people have huge amplified versions and the rest of us use tape and rivets.
POE6 Post 12 Hudson's 3
Schmelf got tired and he said he would give me a couple extra good marks if I let him catch some zees … he said my bosoms were soft enough for a couple of elf pillows.  I am pretty sure that was not a compliment.  I suspected it but then when he got out the magnifying glass to find them, I knew.
I am not as dumb as I look.
 GOWN:  Hudson’s  for  POE 6

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