POE6 – ALB Dream Fashion

POE 6 Post 13 ALB Dream Fashion

POE 6 Post 13 ALB Dream Fashion 1

AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashions gifts POE6 hunters this year with this beautifully detailed and complete outfit in keeping with her unusual and very creative stylings.

POE 6 Post 13 ALB Dream Fashion 2

I was on my way to deliver a poisoned apple to my ugly step sisters when I found Schmelf waiting for me along the path.  I lectured him repeatedly on the dangers of being in the woods alone and wearing red in an area known for wolves who make the colour their meal of choice.  I was feigning concern while all the time hanging a pork chop around his neck and calling, “here wolfie, wolfie, wolfie …”

POE 6 Post 13 ALB Dream Fashion 3

In return he pointed out to a killer eagle (yes just like a killer shark but with wings – go look in your Darwin evolution books if you don’t believe me) that I had stolen some feathers from his mother for my hat.

Thank heavens I have nails and know how to use them.  A girl should always be armed when attending the woods where there are both wild animals and elves.

Is it wrong to hate elves?

I have to explain to my grandkids now why grandma took all their Christmas books and scribbled out all the faces of the elves in the workshops.

Schmelf still has some ink around the ears that has not come off yet.  I am no longer allowed to use a pen unattended.

OUTFIT COMPLETE:  ALB Dream Fashion SWANTJE coat outfit & SOUTH DAKOTA boots for  POE 6


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