POE6 – Surface by c.Loon, Faboo, con Charisma Gifts, Diesel Works

POE 6 Post 6 Faboo, Surface Textures, con Charisma Gifts, Diesel Works

POE 6 Post 6 Faboo, Surface Textures, con Charisma Gifts, Diesel Works 1

I know what you are going to say … bathing suits in winter??  What was Grizel Halberstadt of Faboo thinking??   But hey I live in Australia and while you might think this looks strange, believe me being all rugged up in snow pants, ear muffs, mittens and boots is even weirder here. Not to mention I could die.

POE 6 Post 6 Faboo, Surface Textures, con Charisma Gifts, Diesel Works 2

Schmelfy was not too bad with this gig – turns out he has an unfulfilled fetish for trains as in he wanted to be an engineer and they turned him down on account of them needing the person sitting in the drivers seat to be a)able to see over the steering wheel and b) able to reach the foot pedals.  OK I made that up, I have no idea how a train is driven and why it needs an engineer when it runs along tracks already set up like who even has to steer the damn thing?  I figure, knowing engineers, they just like to think they are in charge of everything and someone lets them sit in the seat and go far away from the office so they stop annoying them.  I so get that.

Anyway Schmelfy was so amused with the train set which was part of the whole deal from Sommes Discovolante of con Charisma gifts along with the wreath and the tree that I got some time to be bad . . . seriously bad.  The train is automated with a switch of a candy cane and goes around in a big circle.  I let the Schmelf think he was driving while I helped myself to egg nog and got on my natural nose glow.  Thank heavens for Reindeer antlers that can easily disguise a red nose into a whole outfit for the season and no-one is the wiser.

The textures – again probably for designers and clothes and furniture and such – made another great backdrop for me.  Lots of variants on these two designs to choose from – all brought to you by Catty Loon of Surface Textures.

Rogan Diesel of Dieselworks has gifted the POE hunt this year with a nifty pack of poses for your holiday fun.

POE 6 Post 6 Faboo, Surface Textures, con Charisma Gifts, Diesel Works 3

I have to go now, I am teaching Schmelf a new game.  He is going to be the damsel in distress and I am going to tie him to the tracks and see if he can escape before the train runs over him.  First I have to figure out how to get the train to do warp speed around the circle.

TEXTURES:  Surface Textures – Hemp Fibers – Santa’s Peace for POE 6
TREE,TRAIN, WREATH – *con Charisma Gifts   for POE 6
POSES:  Diesel Works -for POE 6

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