POE6 – Tres Beau, GlamDammit, Kismet

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, GlamDammit, Kismet

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, Shine Creations, Kismet 1

Of course I can’t be 100% sure.  I got my tree all set up from Cierra Anatine at Kismet.  She gave me two options, with or without decorations which was a nice touch.

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, Shine Creations, Kismet 2

I figured I would go ahead and get dressed and thought Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau always has spectacular numbers and wow check out how gorgeous this ensemble is for the holiday season.  I added a beautiful texture changing brooch from Mozart Loordes of Glamdammit and I was set.

Then I fell flat on my face and ended up kissing the rug and getting carpet burn on my perfect lips.

I am pretty sure I heard snide giggling.

I think elves know when you don’t like them.  They are like those cats that always know the one person who hates them and makes a point of trying to sit on their face when they come over because they know that it is not legal to punch a cat, especially in front of some crazed cat owner who is cooing about how cute their kitty is and wanting you to show you all the damn cat’s wardrobe and the pictures they posted of them on Facebook.

Elves don’t try to sit on your face, but they really try to jack you up.  They have Santa, a bunch of reindeer and a herd of elves in their pocket.  And let’s not forget Christmas magic.  They KNOW things.

I tried to have the elf arrested for attempted homicide.  I could have died in that fall.  Did you see how high those boots are?  Which is exactly what I told the police when I tried to have the damn elf thrown in jail. They took him into the interrogation room and I was not allowed to see what happened but we all know exactly what happened right?  The police evidently are afraid of making the “naughty list” and succumbed easily to the threat of “no presents for you.”  They let him go.

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, Shine Creations, Kismet 3

It was bad enough seeing grown men snivelling and crying and cowering like spanked little boys when I am not used to seeing them like that outside of my bedroom … but that smirky little elf is really starting to get to me …

Christmas Carols and peppermint sticks for everyone, when the wheels of justice have just been thwarted are pretty “in your face.”  I don’t care that some old lady was so moved she had tears in her eyes or that the children cheered.

It’s just a damn freaking elf.

PIN:  Glamdammit (texture changing) for POE 6
OUTFIT:  Tres Beau “Celtic Crimson”  for POE 6
TREES:  Kismet *K* Snowflake Tree for POE 6


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