POE6 – Sonatta Morales, MIAMAI

Peace on Earth ~ Sonatta Morales

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The “Peace Bird” dress from Sonatta Morales — specially crafted for the POE6 hunt — packs a whallop.  It’s without question the best mesh item my shape has encountered.  I didn’t need to resize any of my curves to fit into the small. ( Typically even with an alpha I have to move sliders around to make the item fit my shape.)  On top of all of this, Peace Bird is such an elegant design it positively channels Audrey Hepburn or Gwyneth Paltrow.  Take a gander:

Peace Bird dress for POE6

There’s a delicate, extremely subtle brocade design in the black fabric that adds a hint of dimension and mystery.  The edging on the feather attachments carries a beautiful combination of soft blues, pinks, and white; the colors reveal themselves as you zoom in a bit closer to view.  Even from a distance, the edging is an elegant touch to finish off the look.  I pair this lovely dress with stockings from Miamai that are also a POE6 item (6 stockings PLUS huds for each to fit SLink mesh feet!), along with a gorgeous Chop Zuey POE6 jewelry set that I’ll feature in my next post.  Meanwhile, head over to Sonatta Morales, find the POE globe and fetch your copy of the uber sophisticated Peace Bird dress.

POE6 Hunt Items

  • Dress:  ”Peace Bird” from Sonatta Morales of Sonatta Morales
  • Stockings:  ”All that Glitter” from Monica Outlander of Miamai

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