POE5 Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt concludes…

Blush Skins POE HUNT December 2012~Peace on Earth-Mimmi Boa

My very dear sl sister and friend, Mimmi Boa, is the featured model in the very last designer post from my event POE5. Here beautifully elegant Mimmi is showcasing the lovely skin gift from Blush Skins as photographed by the gifted Skip Staheli. This exquisite gift from Blush is a fine example of the many beautiful and fabulous gifts that were offered during the Peace On Earth hunt by nearly 200 of Second Life’s most generous and creative designers.

It seems fitting to end this year with a post featuring Mimmi because she graced the very first poster for the POE back in November of 2008, just a month before she would be crowned Miss Virtual World 2009, so is a nice way for me to bring these 5 years full circle. That is Mimmi, 4th from the left, representing Italy in the first photoshoot for Peace On Earth hunt.

08-11-12 Peace on Earth

A lot has changed about SL since those days and there are usually at least two dozen hunts a month now. POE has to compete with all sort of events for attention, but still we manage to rise to the occassion and all because of some extremely generous, talented, and caring people understand the importance of giving back to their community.

Thank you to all of you from sponsors to designers to blogers to hunters you all contribute to the special feelings of togetherness shared during this holiday season and this event and i wish you all many blessings into the New Year!

Sequoia Nightfire
Founder of Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt


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