POE5 – Special Jewell’s Fine Art Photography

Special Jewell's Fine Art Photography

OMG!!! When I saw this…was instantly hooked on this original art work by Special Jewell’s Fine Art Photography! This very playful, yet serene scene was created for the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt! You must go out and find this!!!! To have her work grace your walls…and all you have to do is hunt for it…oh goodnes!!! This hunt has truly seen to everything but the kitchen sink! The hunt will run through to January 6th.

Jewell feels that Second Life is a beautiful, wonderful place that is full of inspiration for her. Most of her creations are untouched, unmanipulated inworld images that moved her spiritually and emotionally during her many travels throughout the grid. The colors and layers that you see in her compositions are as her eye and camera caught them inworld.

All of her photographs are modified so you can size them to fit anywhere in your home, office or business.

Have fun finding this and do enjoy…Special, THANK YOU, for this awe-inspiring work as a most phenomenal hunt gift!


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