POE5 – Rockberry,Emo-tions, Vendome, & Paisley Daisy

Spreading a whole lot of seasonal goodwill, the Peace on Earth gridwide Hunt has become something of a Christmas tradition in Second Life as it now enters it’s fifth year. In a fast changing virtual environment that’s no mean achievement. With exclusive high quality free gifts from an incredible array of stores and designers, if you only do one hunt a year, this is the one to do!
Shown here are some of the gifts you can find.  Skyler skin from Rockberry comes in a fatpack of 4 shades with cleavage and freckles options. The hair is Heaven from Emo-tions and comes in Snow and Black, complete with hair bases and tiara. The necklace is Peace from Vendome, and the dress is Joeys Mesh Cavalli Inspired Winter Gown from Paisley Daisy.
The fifth annual Peace on Earth Hunt starts on 1st December. Click here for information on how to join in the fun 🙂 and Happy Hunting!

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