POE5 – The Tradition Continues…

Reblogged from Kyng Johin from October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

POE5 Official Poster  [New and Improved!]

There is a beehive of activity at Sequoia Nightfire’s place. For the fifth year, Sequoia is stirring up her holiday magic to bring together the largest grid-wide hunt of the year, the Peace on Earth Hunt (POE5), which begins December 1.

Every year, I look for a notice from Sequoia saying that she has had enough, she is worn out, and she can’t do it anymore. But, like “The Little Engine that Could,” she just keeps right on chugging along.

And every year, the hunt gets bigger. Sequoia tries to keep the number around a manageable 200. Last year, she had twice that many applications. Obviously, many people were disappointed. I was disappointed when some of my favorites from previous years did not make the final list.

Because of this heavy demand to participate, Sequoia is making this year’s hunt “by invitation only.” She and her crew are scouring the grid, looking for unique stores of quality designs (General and Moderate only), and checking the status of stores from previous POE hunts.

But Sequoia has a strict guideline for choosing stores for the hunt. You gotta be the best, or be different, or be amazing. Be something no one else is, and you have a good chance of being asked to join the hunt.

POE5 – And the little engine keeps on chugging along, and the Peace on Earth Hunt tradition continues.


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