POE6 – Sonatta Morales, Ishtari Design Concepts

POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales, ..::IDC::.. Ishtari Design Concepts

POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales,  Ishtari Design Concepts 2
Have always loved Sonatta Morales’ Designs and this POE gift is no exception.  I love pairing it with the Vintage furniture offering from Ishtari Design Concept’s Alyssa Warden.
POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales,  Ishtari Design Concepts 1
“Vintage” is reserved for the very classiest of the old stuff … the stuff that the kids actually want as opposed to the boxes up in the attic of equally old stuff that is referred to as “junk” and that the kids always grimace when you hand it to them and smile and put it in their trunk and then stop off at the local landfill on their way home where they throw it onto the pile of other “vintage unwanted” junk labelled “Aunt Mary’s china,”  “Grandma Jo’s crocheted table cloths” and books on how to be the perfect wife so as not to embarrass your husband.
POE6 Post 53 Sonatta Morales,  Ishtari Design Concepts 3
I hope that I end up being labelled “vintage” and not “junk,” as I age.  I don’t like the landfill sites, even though I have found some awesome china, books and crocheted table cloths there.
The place stinks.
Kinda like some of the old folks homes  . . . only with more seagulls.

OUTFIT:  Peace Bird by Sonatta Morales *8* for POE 6

FURNITURE:    Ishtari Design Concepts  ..::IDC::.. “Vintage Holiday” Home Decor for POE 6


POE6 – Amacci, Sonatta Morales

A Hero Ain’t Nothin but A Sammich

A Hero Ain't Nothin but a Sammich

Hair: Amacci, Klara **PEACE ON EARTH**. Hat: Sonatta Morales *8*, Peace Bird **PEACE ON EARTH** . Both FREE!

I know, I know. I completely stole that title from Alice Childress’s 1973 novel for young adults. What can I say, creativity isn’t coming on strong this holiday season. But it seemed perfect for this topic because I’ve learned that sometimes during tragic events a person you would least likely expect to be the hero, is. I talk a lot about how our “us” “them” frame of mind discourages true harmony in our lives. Kind of weird, in this case, I found my own thinking could have been of the “us” sort, in other words, God forbid I am one of “them.” It is known the mall massacre in Nairobi Kenya was taken out by an Al Qaeda-linked Muslim terrorist group, but this isn’t about that story. This is the story of a Christian missionary woman who decided to take her children to the mall to entertain them a few hours.


Soon after the family had eaten lunch, the two older boys wandered downstairs to a department store, the mother and three daughters (I believe aged 1,2 and about 5) began to wander down to meet the boys but before getting very far, the shooting started. Taking the natural flight response, she grabbed her girls and hid under a flimsy kiosk and for the next four hours lived with the very real terror of trying to keep her girls silent, worry for her sons, and watching the terrorists walk by shooting any live or injured person they would see. Elsewhere in the mall, a man phoned his brother and asked him to pray for him because a group was violently taking over the mall. I am sure the brother said the prayer, but he also decided to go try to rescue his brother. My bother (yep meant to spell it that way) probably would have watched it unfold on TV and leave the law enforcement to, um, law enforcement.

A Hero Ain't Nothin but a Sammich

But this brother, arrived at the mall and as he was set to enter the mall from the parking garage, he received a call from his mall bound brother saying he was out and safe. The thing is, the man could have just backed away, gone to meet his brother, and went home. He chose not to, this brave man, he went in and eventually saved this Christian woman and her daughters.

A Hero Ain't Nothin but a Sammich

Hair: Amacci, Klara **PEACE ON EARTH**

The take from? I can hate the actions of Al Qaeda as much as the next person, much of what they do seems a senseless waste of innocent life. But this nagging “us” and “them” mentality? Well, it’s good to remember, things aren’t always as they appear. We should always strive to see people by their face value, not senseless labels, because the Hero? The fellow not even at the mall when it was raided? He was Muslim. Just a happy ending to think about, if you have the time on this busy holiday season.

POE6 – Sonatta Morales, Tonic, Dressed By Lexie, Designs by Sebastian

Got POE?


Are you on the hunt? Do you have the POE Hunt Fever? Are you joining in on the fun and excitement of gathering this enormous bounty of beautiful designs from over 200 Designers across the Second Life grid? It’s not to late. POE 6 is in full swing and today I’d like to show the ladies the amazing Formal wear available for the taking. Need to look amazing for the parties and events? Look no further then POE for your holiday needs.

POE 6 Peace Bird by Sonatta Morales and Tonic PumpsPOE 6 Peace Bird by Sonatta Morales

Tonic Pumps


POE 6 Dressed By Lexie Opulence and Designs by Sebastian Peace On Earth

POE 6 Dressed By Lexie Opulence

Designs by Sebastian Peace On Earth

I love both of these Beautiful Creations and the accessories I choose from the POE6 Designers to add to them. And there are so many more! There is something for everyone’s taste.

POE6 – Sonatta Morales, MIAMAI

Peace on Earth ~ Sonatta Morales

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The “Peace Bird” dress from Sonatta Morales — specially crafted for the POE6 hunt — packs a whallop.  It’s without question the best mesh item my shape has encountered.  I didn’t need to resize any of my curves to fit into the small. ( Typically even with an alpha I have to move sliders around to make the item fit my shape.)  On top of all of this, Peace Bird is such an elegant design it positively channels Audrey Hepburn or Gwyneth Paltrow.  Take a gander:

Peace Bird dress for POE6

There’s a delicate, extremely subtle brocade design in the black fabric that adds a hint of dimension and mystery.  The edging on the feather attachments carries a beautiful combination of soft blues, pinks, and white; the colors reveal themselves as you zoom in a bit closer to view.  Even from a distance, the edging is an elegant touch to finish off the look.  I pair this lovely dress with stockings from Miamai that are also a POE6 item (6 stockings PLUS huds for each to fit SLink mesh feet!), along with a gorgeous Chop Zuey POE6 jewelry set that I’ll feature in my next post.  Meanwhile, head over to Sonatta Morales, find the POE globe and fetch your copy of the uber sophisticated Peace Bird dress.

POE6 Hunt Items

  • Dress:  ”Peace Bird” from Sonatta Morales of Sonatta Morales
  • Stockings:  ”All that Glitter” from Monica Outlander of Miamai

POE6 – Sonatta Morales, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Stars!, .:: BEAUTIFUL DELUXE ::. Body Artistry, Sterling Artistry, *PosESioN*, Wicca’s Wardrobe, SEQUOIASTYLE, An Lema, Aphrodite Shop, Zen Creations

by Genevieve Kamala in Beauty and Lifestyles in sl, Fantasy and fun, Fashion in sl, mix and match, New fashion, POE 6 2013

Time to run around the entire grid and have fun with the amazing gifts prepared by so many talented designers! It is a great pleasure for me this year to show you as many items as possible, so that you can have an orientation while you seek the sweet globes of peace.

Today I start with the founder and owner of POE: SEQUOIA NIGHTFIRE, her winter screen and rug are the perfect backdrop for this first post, where I model the dress Peace Bird by SONATTA MORALES, a great knee length dress in black crushed velvet, with matching feather hat. The outfit is completed by Lindy Vintage black pumps, the jewels are from STARS Christmas Peace set necklace and earrings.

The skin is DIAMOND STYLE skin Renzy, make up included, BDBA Peace on Earth blush, the eyes are STERLING ARTISTRY Serenity eyes Crystal and mesh eys
Poses POSESION and WICCA’S wardrobe poses.

The props you see in the photos are: SEQUOIA STYLE screen and rug, AN LEMA Furniture small table (from the complete bedroom), APHRODITE Thanksgiving centerpiece with candles, ZEN CREATIONS gift boxes (from the complete Tree scene).

You can find all the information you need in this blog: http://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/

Every item in the photos is a gift, so don’t wait, the 1st of December is fast approaching, you can renew your sl life!


POE 6  Blog 1 GK

POE 6 2013 Happy Hunting POE 6 2013 Happy Hunting
This is the flickr collection of all the POE 6 photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/genevievekamala/sets/72157638110556104/