POE6 – *IW* Inga Wind Clothing, White Widow, Melu Deco, Shattered, Jewelry by Jake, PRISM Designs, PurpleMoon Creations, [CIRCA], Angel Dessous, Kunglers, EMO-tions

Blog post #151 .:EMO-tions:. is a stop on The Peace On Earth Hunt

And this is what you’ll get if you visit .:EMO-tions:., between 12/01/13-01/06/14.

Blog post #150 (Kunglers)

The next stop on The Peace On Earth Hunt is (Kunglers). Let’s see what the gifts here is.

Blog post #149 Angel Dessous

“Santa baby, please slip this under the tree for me…)

Blog post #148 [CIRCA]

Nothing like going camping on Christmas and playing some tunes on your new guitar, right? Well, check this out from [CIRCA].

Blog post #147 PurpleMoon Creations

Finally a blog post prominently featuring one of my favorite stores: PurpleMoon Creations. I’ll let the picture do most of the talking.

Blog post #146 PRIsM Designs is offering a prize for the Peace On Earth Hunt

And here it is.

Blog post #145 Christmas has arrived at Jewelry by Jake

Take a look!

Blog post #144 Shattered

I’ve never been a Neko before. So when i got this set as a present for the Peace On Earth Hunt from Shattered, i was determined to make a great outfit. Here’s what i came up with.

Blog post #143 Melu Deco

Christmas is next week. Are you ready for it? No? Then go get this gift for the Peace On Earth Hunt, from Melu Decor.


Blog post #142 White Widow

For days when you don’t feel confident about your outfit and/or accessories. With the right makeup, you can go from drab to fab. Here’s one example.

Blog post #141 Inga Wind Clothing

I’ll be the first to admit that i’m not a angel. However there is now for us angel wannabes! This prize from Inga Wild Clothing, for the Peace On Earth Hunt, may set us on the right path to earning our real angel wings. Check it out.

For a list of all the participating shops in the Peace On Earth Hunt, please see:http://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/

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POE6 – [Kawaii Dolls], Exquisite Jewellery, True North Designs, Jewelry by Jake

Kawaii Dolls, Exquisite, TrueNorthDesigns, Jewelry by Jake

POE 6 Post 16 Kawaii Dolls, Exquisite, TrueNorthDesigns, Jewelry by Jake 1

Catlyn Sahara of  Kawaii Dolls went pink for Christmas.  I love her.  I think red and green are so overdone – the whole world should be pink – ballet pink actually but I will accept any shade of pink.  I could be a Christmas tree in this dress with my head one giant angel star at the top. I think we should be Christmas trees more at Christmas time.  Everyone does angels and elves and Santa blah blah … let’s just be trees.   LOVE. IT.

POE 6 Post 16 Kawaii Dolls, Exquisite, TrueNorthDesigns, Jewelry by Jake 2

Jake Kearny of Jewlry by Jake came up with this lovely music box which I shrunk down for the purpose of the magical photography you are witnessing.

Dellybean North’s piano for TrueNorthDesigns is my second favourite colour – white AND this piano is magical.  I adore that is plays Christmas music and not just tinkle Christmas music like awesome Christmas music and there are all these options with the menu that I actually had to go and get a pocket protector I felt so geeky.

Mericatherine Quennell of Exquiste packed her little POE stocking so freaking full of jewellery that you will think you died and went to heaven.  She includes men and women stuff AND these three awesome proposal boxes that so inspired me I went right down to Noobyville and started asking people to marry me.  (I believe that sex should only happen AFTER you are married)

POE 6 Post 16 Kawaii Dolls, Exquisite, TrueNorthDesigns, Jewelry by Jake 3
Oh ya, gifts and cards should go to the 8th floor of the hospital for Schmelf.  Turns out mom was right … you shouldn’t play around with the piano lid, slamming it and stuff … someone could get hurt, take a finger off or maybe half an elf … poor little bugger ….
These are real tears … ignore the onion smell … just a strange coincidence….
JEWELLERY:  Exquisite Falling Hearts for POE 6
PIANO:  TrueNorthDesigns for POE 6
MUSIC BOX:  Jewelry by Jake for POE 6