POE6 POST 47 Evolve

POE6 POST 47 Evolve 1

You should never assume that people aren’t paying attention.

POE6 POST 47 Evolve 2
I put on this beautiful gown from Reign Congrejo of Evolve and my mother in law passed by the computer and asked “Where is your girlie’s boyfriend?”
“What boyfriend?”
“The little guy with the ears?”
“That was an elf.”
“Looked more like a monkey to me.”
“Well yes, I was using an elf, and then a sock monkey elf, and then a guy .. it was just a kind of something to write about for all these POE posts.”
“I wasn’t judging you, each to their own.  Just because I would never date a sock, or an elf, doesn’t mean that you can’t.  I mean we don’t always have much choice do we?”
And she patted my arm and shuffled off to watch TV.
POE6 POST 47 Evolve 3
I heard her on the phone later telling my sister in law that I was dating a sock monkey but  . . . it didn’t work out.  She was trying to verify if that was some sign that I needed to be committed.

POE6 – DaneMarkZ

POE6 Post 34 DaneMarkZ

POE6 Post 34 DaneMarkZ 1

I like wandering around in the snow in my evening gowns because it works much better for your self esteem.  The thing is … if you have no friends, no life, no lover, no social life … the only reason that sucks is that other people know and they point at you when you go to Walmart and say things like “Look there is that loser again who has not friends, no live, no lover, no social life.”

POE6 Post 34 DaneMarkZ 2

The trick is to fool them.

So you get all dressed up in expensive gowns and get your hair done and stuff and you go out and you wander around in the snow.  People either think you are waiting for your lover for a romantic tryst or that you are a beautiful recluse and they should go home and write a novel like Wuthering Heights because they just saw you and they will never be able to get you out of their mind OR breathe again unless they either paint you or write a novel that will become a classic and be made into some kind of an HBO movie that everyone will rave about for years to come.

Thank heavens I had this dress from Hannah Daviau of DaneMarkZ!

POE6 Post 34 DaneMarkZ 3
I told the freaking Sock Monkey Elf poser to lose the hat and that if he even thought about standing next to me I would forgo turkey and have stuffed monkey for Christmas dinner.
I didn’t want anyone thinking he was my date … although .. compared to some of the options in SL … that might be a big improvement …
O.M.G!!!  Did I just type that out loud??????
LOCATION:  Winter Moon

POE6 – Diamond Style, *IW* Inga Wind CLothing, Beloved Jewelry

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry 1

Cristal Triellis of Diamond Style has provide POE hunters this year with a lovely skin while Inga Wind has done what she does best – a beautiful Peace Angel outfit complete with the world in your hands and a dove for your shoulder.  I mean top that.

What did you get for Christmas?
The Whole World …. and a peace dove.  Stick that in your ear Mary Beth Anderson.

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry 2
Love the jewellery by Kmbra McMillan of Beloved Jewelry.  It comes with options for a jewel or not.  Very versatile.Hey who is in charge of the whole elf assignment anyway?  I mean there has to be what, like a trillion of the little dudes?  How come I got Mr. RulesandRighteousness instead of a cool elf like Will Ferrell?  He would have been a fun elf.  He would have led me astray.  I wanna go to astray at some point in my life.  It is on my bucket list.  How come my dreams never come true?

POE6 Post 17 Diamond Style, Inga Wind, Beloved Jewelry 3
You know they really stereotype birds.  Doves can be pretty vicious, especially if you question them on exactly how they plan on accomplishing all this peace the world attributes to them.  Like don’t get me wrong, white and fluttering wings can be pretty and soft and dreamy and shit but we kind of need like laser rays that can penetrate idiotic political brains at this point.  But kudos on your handling of the yappy elf although … it wasn’t very peaceful … there was a lot of screaming ….

SKIN:  *Diamond Style for POE 6
ANGEL OUTFIT:  Inga Wind *IW* Angel of Peace for POE 6
JEWELLERY:  Beloved Jewelry : Noel Jewelry Set for POE 6

POE6 – Hudson’s Clothing Co.

POE6 Post 12 Hudson’s

POE6 Post 12 Hudson's 1

Schmelf said he had to attend anywhere I went so I added him as a wrist corsage.  I stuffed flowers in his mouth, nose and ears and used three hat pins to make sure he did not slide off my gloves … they were satin … it could have been a terrible accident if I had not been so diligent in pinning him carefully.

POE6 Post 12 Hudson's 2
I told the lady next door it was just a stray cat in heat screaming and that she should not worry about it … I would hose him off.
Candace Hudson of Hudson’s did a nice job with the style and the colour of this dress, her gift for POE6.  I wasn’t sure I could carry rivets but they actually looked awesome and they helped to keep the dress up on my less than ample bosoms.   Some people have huge amplified versions and the rest of us use tape and rivets.
POE6 Post 12 Hudson's 3
Schmelf got tired and he said he would give me a couple extra good marks if I let him catch some zees … he said my bosoms were soft enough for a couple of elf pillows.  I am pretty sure that was not a compliment.  I suspected it but then when he got out the magnifying glass to find them, I knew.
I am not as dumb as I look.
 GOWN:  Hudson’s  for  POE 6

POE6 – .:Pelletteria Morrisey:.

POE6. Empezó el espectáculo


Siguiendo con los regalos de POE6, aquí os presento a uno de los regalos mas bonitos

Que disfrutéis estas camperas muy muy bien hechas!


Botas_.:Pelletteria Morrisey:._#068

POE6 – Amacci, Sterling Artistry, DaneMarkZ, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Nailed It

1 diciembre, 2013 de 


Mas regalitos de la POE6 y dos novedades fabulosas


Skin, cabello y base de cabello_ Amacci _ #011

Ojos_ Sterling Artistry _ #117

Pendientes_ DaneMarkZ _ #161

Poses_  Wicca’s Wardrobe _ #044

Uñas para manos Slink_ Nailed It  _#130 (Aunque también trae uñas mesh)