POE6 – Vero Modero, Dench Designs

POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs

POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs 1
I could be wrong but I have a feeling that the SocElfMonkey has abandoned his responsibilities and is now just living the good life .. at my expense.  I mean, unless the naughty and nice patrol involves a whole lot of being naughty yourself.  Now he has a girlfriend .. some other sock he picked up out of my dirty laundry and then got into my make-up.

He suggested a threesome.  Does that sound like any Christmas story you have heard about anywhere???

POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs 2
I passed out on the couch from Amanda Dench of Dench Designs.  She gave me Christmas contained in a living room which is a complete set with furniture and poses that give you nifty things like wine, Christmas tree and decorations, fireplace and snow falling outside the window.  You don’t even have to shovel it which is a good thing.  Right now I am up to my neck in shovelling monkey BS.
My dress from Bouquet Babii of Vero Modero was completely wasted on the Sock Elf fake monkey dude and his date.  They kept promising me they had a blind date for me but a sock without button eyes is not my idea of a good time.
POE6 Post 41 Vero Modero, Dench Designs 3
All I ended up doing all night was chaperoning. I wasn’t sure how to get rid of them they just stayed forever and ever no matter how many subtle hints I gave … finally I just threw them both in the washing machine, lit some candles, told them to think of it like a hot tub/white water rapids/tornado type of experience and went to bed.  I know that by the time I throw everything into the dryer and then go to sort my laundry at least one of them will be missing.
DRESS:  [VM] VERO MODERO / Earth Gown and Dress  for POE 6
SET:  Dench Designs  for POE 6

POE6 – Grumble

POE6 Post 40 Grumble

POE6 Post 40 Grumble 2

Got to love this beautiful gown from Allie Munro of Grumble.  I feel like I should be singing on stage somewhere when I wear it.

POE6 Post 40 Grumble 1

Normally I don’t require a stage.  I just perform everywhere … like when the farmer says, “Wanna see my cows?” and you go out to the field … I just do my best Julie Andrews and run across the hills.
And when the farmer and his hired men run after me swearing because I have scattered all the milk cows and now they won’t be any good for the evening milking … I just pretend their unruly children and I tie them into the trees and make them “start at the very beginning.”

POE6 Post 40 Grumble 3
It’s all kinda magical really … I mean it is tough getting those farmers into lederhosen but once those puppies are on … ya .. completely magical!


 DRESS:  Grumble for POE 6