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POE6 – More Mens Fashion

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So much great fashion for us gents on the POE 6 Hunt! Here’s my second post for menswear, it’s well worth hunting :)

69 Park Avenue is a well established MensWear shop. Designer, Silexe Core, has given us this winter outfit. Three mesh items – coat, jeans and scarf plus one alpha for the lot. Even socks are included so we don’t get our tootsies frozen!

69 Park Avenue

Dot-Be by designer, BonieFacio Boucher, includes a delightful unpacking animation with his hunt gift which I’m sure will bring a smile to the weary hunter’s face! A great double sleeved shirt here, with the peace logo on it. Very useful wardrobe item. I used the L size from the 5 standard sizes. (watch by Robbish)


Orquidea by adriannesuz McMinnar is a vintage and modern clothing provider which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t come across until now. The hunt gift is a smashing set of clothing layer basic rib knit sweaters in black, chocolate and dark red. There’s a tattoo layer included to prevent any imperfections in the clothing layers – excellent.  You’ll get a lot of wear out of these beauties. On top of the sweater is NerdMonkey’s gift – an extensive set of winter fisherman’s rib knit scarves. Extremely easy to stretch to size, the colours include black, cyan, pink, red and yellow. I’ll be using these a lot! (Sunday Jeans in black by by sf design, hair [monso] Jay in black/brown)


Citrus by SissyMo Morrison’s gift is this great double sleeve tshirt and low chucks which are great for tight jeans and shorts as worn here. The tshirt is the standard 5 sizes, I took size L, and the chucks have a resizer with delete option. I loved the Peace texturing on this set :) I’m also wearing the Clinton Flatcap which is part of Xen’s Hats hunt gift. This stylish hat has a resizer with delete option – brilliant!


I loved this hathair by ChiChickie! Hair Salon. So many textures, both for the hat and the hair via a HUD that also had a tinting facility on it. A really useful and versatile gift here.  A chic Mesh shirt/jacket combo isB&W’s hunt gift. Designer, Ayrton Radikal, gives us consistantly good work and this gift is no exception. The gift is offered in the standard 5 mesh sizes, I took a size L here, and Ayrton includes a notecard with recommended sizing for a perfect fit. The cute Japanese ‘Peace and Love’ bag comes in tan and blue canvas shades and includes a ‘hold bag’ animation that doesn’t override whatever else you have on. Wonderful and thank you, designer Uklea of LavandaChic.  (winter jeans in bone by GlamDammit)

ChiChickie B&W

All poses except for the Tuxedo ones are by the lovely Wicca Merlin for Wicca’s Wardrobe. A new set coming up – ‘Gravity’ and an older set, ‘Redneck at Work’ are featured. Wicca knows what poses work for bloggers and models alike! Don’t forget to collect the ‘Angelic’ poses in the POE6 hunt gift.

Now, two smart suits. We’re all going to need at least one of these in our SL lives, both for our own formal functions and also to attend our friend’s special occasions! The first one is the hunt gift of Innuendo Italian Style. By designer, Francesca Bonetto, this classic Italian tuxedo suit comes in one complete Mesh piece and one alpha so it couldn’t be easier or quicker to dress up! Click, click and you’re ready :) The little Christmas Tree brooch is by GDit Jewelry and is texture change for 4 useful metals. Moz slaved over this (lol) so go and get it! (hair Scott 02 by UncleWeb Studio, sf design Emilo shoes)


Second suit by Allie Munro of Grumble. Allie gives us a charcoal jacket and pants plus a shirt and tie combo. These are separates in the standard 5 sizes and fit nicely. I like to wear a size M shirt with a size L jacket over the top and a size M pants underneath. That seems to work really well as far as fitting goes. A great suit – thank you, Allie :)


Phew, I think that’s enough for now as my computer disappears in a haze of steam. Cheers, m’dears!

POE6 – K Collection, Bliensen + MaiTai, GlamDammit, Dench Designs

Two weeks until Christmas


It is two weeks until Christmas. What will you be doing right now? Baking? Wrapping present? Or finish up the living room decoration?

What I’m wearing…

Dress : K Collection – Busy Coat Dress  (Mesh) (from POE6

Earrings : Bliensen + MaiTai – Ison – Earring   (from POE6)
Brooch : GlamDammit Jewelry – Christmas Tree  (from POE6)

Furniture and picture set up : Dench Designs – POE Gift   (from POE6)


POE6 – MEB, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Exquisite Jewellery, GlamDammit, Blush Skins, .:: BEAUTIFUL DELUXE ::. Body Artistry, BamPu Legacies, JoHaDeZ “Poetic Furniture”

POE 6 2013 POST 5 MEB 

by Genevieve Kamala

MEB is a well known brand in sl with its elegant and well made clothes, here I present both the POE items, near the latest outfit for sale in the MEB store.

MEB Dakar  is a complete outfit with sandals, hand bag and jewels, all items are shown in the photos. It is perfect to go on a shopping spree while getting ready for Christmas, have fun  and feel great in it.

The MEB gift  for POE 6 is a great set of pants and top, completed by a leather jacket in season colors white and red, like a feminine Santa! Obviously I added some great furniture in tune with my attire….

JEWELS EXQUISITE Queen of Hearts gold earrings, GLAM DAMMIT Christmas tree brooche with texture change
SKIN BLUSH SKINS Rae pale nude
MAKE UP BDBA Peace on Earth blush and matte lipstick

PROPS BAMPU LEGACIES SHOP BC Jacualicious Christmas Decor in Aqua: Christmas tree and Wreath
JOHADEZ Poetic Furniture Classic Table Peace
Peace globes



POE6 – Blush Skins, .:: BEAUTIFUL DELUXE ::. Body Artistry, *TuttiFrutti*, Legal Insanity, .:Pelletteria Morrisey:., LavandaChic, zanze, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, Cat & Dragon, PurpleMoon Creations, Tres Beau, NYU, GlamDammit, MALT, [noctis], ..::IDC::.. Ishtari Design Concepts inSL, Melu Deco, Silent Woods

POE 6 2013 Post 3 Mix and Match

by Genevieve Kamala

Mix and match today for POE 6, two different ways to combine these amazing gifts in two special setttings created with more gifts!  This is a really fun hunt, I want to thank all the generous creators, their items also push me to be a better blogger and light up my festive season!


SKIN BLUSH skins Rae Pale nude
MAKE UP BDBA Blush, Eyeshadow 3, Matte liner
PANTS TUTTIFRUTTI Sweet december mesh jeans Leaves
TOP LEGAL INSANITY Peace on Earth sweater
BAG LAVANDACHIC Kokeshi peace and love tan
SCARF AND EARMUFFS ZANZE Cozy scarf and muffs with HUD
BRACELETS DAHLINKS Dreamtime Unisex bracelets


DREAMSCAPES Art Gallery Holiday Console
CAT AND DRAGON candle and wreath



SKIN BLUSH skins Rae Pale nude
MAKE UP BDBA Blush, Eyeshadow 3, Matte liner
PANTS TUTTIFRUTTI Sweet december mesh jeans flowers
TOP PURPLE MOON Pampa sweater and hat
BOOTS TRES BEAU Celtic crimson boots black
BAG LAVANDACHIC Kokeshi peace and love blue
MASK NYU Hlaf face mask
BROOCHE GLAM DAMMIT Christmas tree with texture change
RING MALT Pearl of Peace ring


NOCTIS Lilienstil Christmas Hallstand
ISTHARI DESIGN Vintage Holiday deco set: armchair, clock, side table, it includes a working radio not shown here


SILENT WOODS Frostbite skybox


POE6 – Tres Beau, GlamDammit, Kismet

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, GlamDammit, Kismet

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, Shine Creations, Kismet 1

Of course I can’t be 100% sure.  I got my tree all set up from Cierra Anatine at Kismet.  She gave me two options, with or without decorations which was a nice touch.

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, Shine Creations, Kismet 2

I figured I would go ahead and get dressed and thought Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau always has spectacular numbers and wow check out how gorgeous this ensemble is for the holiday season.  I added a beautiful texture changing brooch from Mozart Loordes of Glamdammit and I was set.

Then I fell flat on my face and ended up kissing the rug and getting carpet burn on my perfect lips.

I am pretty sure I heard snide giggling.

I think elves know when you don’t like them.  They are like those cats that always know the one person who hates them and makes a point of trying to sit on their face when they come over because they know that it is not legal to punch a cat, especially in front of some crazed cat owner who is cooing about how cute their kitty is and wanting you to show you all the damn cat’s wardrobe and the pictures they posted of them on Facebook.

Elves don’t try to sit on your face, but they really try to jack you up.  They have Santa, a bunch of reindeer and a herd of elves in their pocket.  And let’s not forget Christmas magic.  They KNOW things.

I tried to have the elf arrested for attempted homicide.  I could have died in that fall.  Did you see how high those boots are?  Which is exactly what I told the police when I tried to have the damn elf thrown in jail. They took him into the interrogation room and I was not allowed to see what happened but we all know exactly what happened right?  The police evidently are afraid of making the “naughty list” and succumbed easily to the threat of “no presents for you.”  They let him go.

POE 6 Post 3 Tres Beau, Shine Creations, Kismet 3

It was bad enough seeing grown men snivelling and crying and cowering like spanked little boys when I am not used to seeing them like that outside of my bedroom … but that smirky little elf is really starting to get to me …

Christmas Carols and peppermint sticks for everyone, when the wheels of justice have just been thwarted are pretty “in your face.”  I don’t care that some old lady was so moved she had tears in her eyes or that the children cheered.

It’s just a damn freaking elf.

PIN:  Glamdammit (texture changing) for POE 6
OUTFIT:  Tres Beau “Celtic Crimson”  for POE 6
TREES:  Kismet *K* Snowflake Tree for POE 6

POE6 – Aphrodite Shop, PRIME, Stonewood Interiors, !-[LoveFactory], Paisley Daisy, .:EMO-tions:., GlamDammit, Sterling Artistry

A Day of Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in the states and after getting my fill of turkey and dressing and fighting with my brother and uncle over the final sliver of pumpkin pie, I wanted post and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for reading my little blog and following me as I travel through Second Life.  Each like, share, or comment really does brighten my day.  So thank you, very much.


The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt is getting ready to kick off their sixth year and I chose today to begin posting for the hunt because to me, Thanksgiving and Peace on Earth sort of go hand in hand.  We give thanks for all of the military personnel, the medical teams, police officers, our public servants, but how wonderful would it be to have a world filled with peace.  Aphrodite Megastore created a charming Thanksgiving Centerpiece which you’ll find in the hunt.


And of course, there is a ton of Christmas stuff so let’s just get that started, shall we?  Prime designed these cute Christmas chairs in red and white, they’ll fit with any of your holiday decor and brighten up the room too.

Prime, Stonewood Interiors, Love Factory, and AphroditeSTONEWOOD INTERIORS CHRISTMAS FIREPLACE AND CHRISTMAS TREE #080

I decided with so much to work with, it would be easy to put more than one designer together to show you how you could use the goodies you find in the hunt for your own home.  Looks pretty festive huh?  The fireplace and Christmas tree from Stonewood Interiors is awesome.  And the teddy on a candy cane from !-[LoveFactory]- is absolutely adorable.


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Christmas.  Now…what to wear?

Emotions, GlamDammit, Paisley DaisyPAISLEY DAISY ANGEL LACE GOWN #083

Paisley Daisy designed a beautiful lace gown all in white for your festive evenings with loved ones.  The gown comes with a tiara and halo made of glowing clusters of stars.  I accessorized the gown with the beautiful The Promise necklace and earrings from .:EMO-tions:.  and the exquisite texture change Christmas Tree pin from GlamDammit.


See how well made each piece is?  You can tell these designers put hours and hours of love into their craft for this hunt each year.  We truly are blessed to have each and every one of them participate in Peace On Earth.  But we can’t go to the party without our favorite contacts right?  Sterling Artistry is gifting us with 18 shades of eyes, sure to be a color for every one.  The package comes with mesh, prim, and system eyes as well.


I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Now grab your hat and coats and let’s go hit those black Friday sales!

<3 Saz at http://sazzynirpaw.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/a-day-of-thanks/

POE5 – Rockberry, GlamDammit, The Muse Poses, PurpleMoon

This time I am showing some other fashion items available in the Peace on Earth gridwide hunt starting tomorrow . In fact in the hunt you will be able to find this amazing skin called Skyler from  Rockberry. It  comes in a pack with 4 shades dark, light, natural and tan all with the blonde /black/brown,   cleavage and freckles options. Another gift from the hunt are the earrings that I am wearing from GlamDammit called Falling Snowflake.

Skyler light

Skyler natural

Skyler tan

Skyler dark

My dress is from the PoE hunt as well and it is the lovely Dita from PurpleMoon .

Completes my outfit another hunt item , the bag Afghanistani mesh from Meena.

The poses used here are from The Muse called Peace  and are in the hunt as well.


Rockberry Skyler skin ( POE 5 gift )

GlamDammit Falling Snowflake ( POE 5 gift )

PurpleMoon Dita dress( POE 5 gift )

Meena   Afghanistani mesh bag ( POE 5 gift )

The Muse Peace poses ( POE 5 gift )

photographer & model Arialee Miles
More information about the event can be found on the Peace on Earth official blog at http://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com