POE6 – Ever ‘An Angel

Give Me The Fairy Tale

As a little girl I believed quite strongly in fairy tales.  I clung to the Disney movies we all watched as children and secretly (Although my mom says it wasn’t so secret) dreamed that I would some day meet my own Prince.  Back then the fairy tales presented women as almost helpless characters constantly in need of rescue.  As I grew older, I was pleased to see those roles take a turn to show the women not as weak individuals, but women of strength and know how, and most of all courage.   I still believe in fairy tales, just not as much as I once did.  I refuse to grow up or grow old gracefully.  And yes, I believe too, that one day my prince will come.  I’m sure you’re saying to yourself right now “What the heck does this have to do with anything, Saz” but I promise, the pieces will fit soon.

Ever An Angel  Siochain Gown, Tone- Eye Tints Duo  Eye Color Silver Screen POE Hunt Gift, Tone Winter Incandescent Gloss 03 POE Hunt, EMO-tions  FAIRYTALE light silver

All over the world there are children right now who’s parents are going through hardships.  Little boys and girls who still believe in fairy tales, who believe in the knight in shining armor coming to save the day or… being the prince themselves.  Children who will have little to no Christmas because their parents can’t afford it.  And we can make a difference.  There are so many organizations world wide that help with Christmas for needy families.
 Toys for Tots, Make a Wish, Angel Tree, just to name a few.  So please, while you’re out shopping and running around like crazy planning for your own family and friends, take a moment to help a needy child.  Give them the hope that fairy tales can come true.

Ever An Angel  Siochain Gown, Tone- Eye Tints Duo  Eye Color Silver Screen POE Hunt Gift, Tone Winter Incandescent Gloss 03 POE Hunt, EMO-tions FAIRYTALE lightsilver back

The Peace On Earth Hunt is still going strong and the designers have really gone out of their way to offer us gifts for the holidays that just make me smile.  Their generosity has been outstanding and it just keeps getting better.  The gown I’m wearing in the picture can be found at stop # 156, Ever An Angel.  The Siochain Gown is a simple yet beautifully textured and crafted gown adorned with snow flakes and lace trim around the neck and wrists.  When I first saw the gown, I just knew it was going to be wonderful.  They’ve even included the makeups I’m wearing.

Ever An Angel  Siochain Gown, Tone- Eye Tints Duo  Eye Color Silver Screen POE Hunt Gift, Tone Winter Incandescent Gloss 03 POE Hunt, EMO-tions FAIRYTALE lightsilver Close



POE6 – Ever An’ Angel, Addiction Jewelry

Picturing Peace on Earth

December 10, 2013 by 

Blogging soon!

Hello fabulous readers! Tonight I bring you two more gifts from the Peace on Earth Hunt. This beautiful dress is the POE6 gift from Ever An’ Angel. I love the snowflakes on the hem, and the way the taffeta glistens in the light. I think you’ll like the sexy, low cut in the back, too. ;-) 

Blogging soon!

My pretty Sideways Peace Necklace is the POE6 gift from Addiction Jewelry. It comes with both diamond ocean tanzanite stones.

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Serena is wearing…

Dress – Ever An’ Angel Siochain Gown (0L / POE6)

Necklace – Addiction Jewelry Sideways Peace Necklace (0L / POE6)


POE6 – *SoliDea FoliEs*, Ever ‘an Angel, Diesel Works

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Headpiece: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Lil Snow **Peace on Earth Hunt** . Hairs: Miamai, Anna . Boa: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Amanda Collar .

Good will to all. It’s that wonderful time of year again, Peace on Earth in SL is in it’s 6th year of existence and this one looks to be one of the best yet. If you’ve never traveled through a Peace on Earth event, I suggest you check it out this year. Why? Because all the gifts are for YOU and all the gift are FREE! If you click on the POE logo to the right of this post, it will take you to the hunt’s blog where you can pick up pointers, hints and sneaky peeks of designers gifts. It’s Friday, and feeling kinda like date night. I hope everyone is having fun and enjoying your space in the world. As for me? It’s a formal, so I better go dig out those spanx.

Peace on Earth

Dress: Siochain by Ever an Angel **Peace on Earth** . POSES: Diesel Works, POE .

Excitement is mounting as we near the start of the famous, biggest, and most popular hunt in Second Life, The Peace On Earth Hunt! It will hit a grid near you starting December 1st and will run through January 6, 2014. There are so many wonderful and very talented designers who have lent their talents in creating awesome gifts for you to hunt for!

Stay tuned for upcoming previews as we await the Sunday, December 1st start! Hunters, get those magnifying glasses out and put on your gumshoes, as The POE6 Hunt will soon hit a grid near you!


POE6 – Dulce Secrets, Sterling Artistry, Ever An’ Angel

POE 6 Post 2 Dulce Secrets, Sterling Ever An’ Angel

POE 6 Blog 2 Dulce Secrets Sterling Ever an' Angel 2

I thought I was pretty safe. I figured the penguins would either try to eat the Elf or peck him to death.

 POE 6 Blog 2 Dulce Secrets Sterling Ever an' Angel 1

How the heck was I supposed to know the Elf was a “penguin whisperer?”

AnneAlyce Maertens of Dulce Secrets has gifted POE participants this year with a beautiful Ice Avatar complete with delicate white snowflakes etched into the skin – a great addition for those photos where you want to keep with the theme of Christmas. Silverr Andel of Sterling Artistry Eyes has provided a gift box of beautiful prim and mesh eyes and Ever Courtois of Ever an’ Angel shares this beautiful, dreamy white gown that emulates the serenity we feel after a snowfall. She also includes a couple of make-ups in her package just to let you know she is thinking of you!

POE 6 Blog 2 Dulce Secrets Sterling Ever an' Angel 3

I made an effort to be serene and honour the elegance of these three gifts but that damn elf kept showing off screaming “Look at me!” while he was doing triple leaps around on the ice. I tried to bribe the penguins to adopt him and take him with them on their next big march, you know he could “accidentally” fall off a cliff or get eaten by a whale or something but they told me if I did not take him with me they would hunt me down.

Penguins are scary when they get mad.

They said they were sick of his whiney whispering, telling them to “sit” and “roll over.”

sigh . . . the Christmas that is never going to end . . .

SKIN:  Dulce Secrets for POE 6
DRESS: Ever An’ Angel Siochain for POE 6
POSES: aDORKable  Poses
LOCATION:  Bonne Chance