POE6 – Amacci, ArisAris, Living Imagination, {{BSD Design Studio}}, [NerdMonkey], Silent Woods, ShuShu

POE6 ~ POEpourri

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POE6 sweater

Lots of goodies in this post.  Lots of goodies in the POE6 Hunt, which continues through January 6th.  You’ll find the info and links below, after the photos.

POE6 Living Imagination

POE6 DARE front

POE6 DARE back

POE6 Items – Photo 1

  • Skin:  Amacci Skin – Ranya (Winter) – Peace – Cleavage by Carina Larsen
  • Sweater:  ArisAris AA7 Stars Mini Coat S by Ariadna Garrigus
  • Leggings:  from Living Imagination Spirit of Christmas (a complete outfit, I show the leggings only in this photo) by Bodza Mubble
  • Shoes:  BSD Design studio IT GIRL by BabyChampagne Sass
  • Scarf:  NerdMonkey – Winter Scarf Red female
  • Skybox:  Silent Woods  ’Frostbite’ Skybox (PoE6 Hunt Version) by Lukrezia Lava

POE6 Items – Photo 2

  • Dress and leggings:  from Living Imagination Spirit of Christmas (I show the complete outfit in this photo) by Bodza Mubble

POE6 Items – Photo 3

  • Jacket, Skirt, Leg warmers:  ShuShu DARE outfit by Shushu Congrejo
  • Leggings:  from Living Imagination Spirit of Christmas (complete outfit, I show the leggings only in this photo) by Bodza Mubble

POE6 – Gizza Creations, DulceSecrets, Bliensen+Maitai, Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery, [sYs], Snowpaws, {Aya} Toys – Origami – Fun, MEB Fashion, {{BSD Design studio}}

Blog post #152 Gizza Creations

The Holidays are a time for friends and family to get together and enjoy each-others company. But with all of these social occasions, you’ll need new outfits! Here’s one to


Blog post #153 Dulce Secrets

I love everything that has to do with Winter. But do you think i took my passion for this season a little too far?

Blog post #154 Bliensen+Maitai

Do you know what trend will never go out of style? Mixing and matching! Check out this look.


Blog post #155 Chop Zuey

Many feel that fine jewelry can’t be colorful. Please allow me to prove those individuals wrong!

Blog post #156 [sYs] is a destination on The Peace On Earth Hunt

 There is a reason for this. I’ll let you discover it.


Blog post #157 Snowpaws

I really like outfits that include accessories with them. Check out this look.

Blog post #158 {Aya} Toys – Origami – Fun

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Antoinette(Tony).

Blog post #159 MEB FASHION

I get to show you a outfit that can be worn during the Winter or Autumn season! (Fall is my second favorite season!)


Blog post #160 {{BSD Design studio}} is along The Peace On Earth Hunt

I finally got the right shoes for this outfit! Take a look.


For a list of all the participating shops in the Peace On Earth Hunt, please see:http://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/

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POE6 – Couture Chapeau, {{BSD Design studio}}, Sassy!, Dahlinks

POE6 Post 22 Couture Chapeau, BSD Design Studio, Sassy, Dahlinks

POE6 Post 22 Couture Chapeau, BSD Design Studio, Sassy, Dahlinks 1

Couture Chapeau has created this awesome top hat which I think is magical on account of the fact that when I put it on I feel like I can command elephants and tigers!!

POE6 Post 22 Couture Chapeau, BSD Design Studio, Sassy, Dahlinks 2

BabyChampagne Sass of BSD Design Studio put in these awesome peep toes which, like all her shoes, are fab and your toes are always soooo excited when they get to peep.  Who doesn’t love peeping??    Ivy Burner of Sassy did this beautiful Asian inspired dress that is just so pretty and different for your Holiday Season.  Nice to have some other colours to choose from.

Alexandra Nichols of Dahlinks designed a Unisex bracelet that goes with absolutely everything and can carry dress up and more casual looks.

Schmelf found a friend.  I didn’t want to point out that he wasn’t really nodding along with everything Schmelf said, it is just that he is missing some of his stuffing and his head flops.  That tends to happen to Teddy bears quite often.   I think this could be some of the issues with some men I know … I mean it would be the same right?  Not enough brains … floppy head ….

POE6 Post 22 Couture Chapeau, BSD Design Studio, Sassy, Dahlinks 3
I am encouraging Schmelf to make new friends.  There are other people out here besides Elves and reindeer.  I think it is healthy.  I told him as soon as I saw the note that the bear wanted him to go flying with him that he should hitch his star right on up to that helium balloon and go for it.
Now I just have to convince him to drop the bear and he will be somewhere over the rainbow in no time ….  There are bluebirds over there and I can hear them calling his name ….
HAT:  Couture Chapeau for POE 6
DRESS:  SASSY Qipao Dress for POE 6
BRACELET:  dahlinks bracelet Dreamtme Unisex for POE 6
SHOES:  {{BSD Design studio}}IT girl-shinning black In  for POE 6

POE6 – K-Collection, {{BSD Design studio}}, Stars!, Couture Chapeau, MALT, [ROCKBERRY], Sterling Artist, Lutricias Luxuries, *PosESioN*, Stonewood Interiors, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, [domus], con Charisma

 An appointment with Lady Peace…Un rendez-vous chez Dame Paix

On Isra/sur Isra:

Coat,dress/veste,robe – K Collection Busy (for me) 0L @ K Collection Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #116

Shoes/chaussures – IT girl shining black 0L @ BSD Design studio Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #040

Necklace,earrings/collier, boucles d’oreille – Christmas Peace 0L @ Stars! Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #041

Hat/chapeau – Peace on Earth Top Hat 0L @ Couture Chapeau Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #137

Ring/bague – Pearl of Peace 0L @ MALT Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #142

Skin/peau – Bailey/POE 6/Natural 0L @ Rockberry Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #077

Eyes/yeux – Serenity Eyes Citronene 0L @ Sterling Artist Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #117

Shape/silhouette – Lucia shape 6’3″ 1.93m 0L @ Lutricias Luxuries Deluxe Body Factory Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #203

Pose – Gift 2 0L @ PosESioN Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #131

In the environnement/dans le décor:

Fireplace, Christmas tree/cheminée, sapin de Noël – POE 2013 0L @ Stonewood InteriorsGift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #080

Console table/commode – Holiday 0L @ Dreamscapes Art Gallery Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #144

Board/panneau – POE6 gift 0L @ domus Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #079

Small train/petit train – Santa’s Express Christmas Train 0L @ con Charisma Gift/cadeau de chasse : Peace on Earth #085

About/A propos de: Peace on Earth Hunt

POE6 – [ROCKBERRY], Ear Candy, {{BSD Design studio}}

What I’m wearing…
Bailey Skin : ROCKBERRY (POE6 Hunt #77, Free)
Earrings & Necklace : Ear Candy (POE6 Hunt #160, Free)
It Girl Shoes : BSD Design (POE6 Hunt #40, Free)


POE6 – Snowpaws, Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery, *IW* Inga Wind Clothing, {{BSD Design Studio}}, MIAMAI

Peace on Earth ~ More Goodness

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For those of us who still love flexis, Snowpaws’s POE gift “Epais” fits the bill.  The dress is lovely, lady-like,  upscale.  Pairing it with another POE find — these edgy “IT Girl” POE gift from BSD — positively makes me smile.  Every year, the POE hunt contains wonderful gifts that surprise and delight.  This year is no exception.  If you haven’t yet started the hunt, you really should.  There’s *alot* of goodness in it.  Hit those slurls at the end of this post and get yours!

POE flex back

POE shoes

POE6 items:

  • Dress:  ”Epais” by Carrie Snowpaw of Snowpaws
  • Stockings: “All that Glitters” from Monica Outlander of Miamai
  • Shoes: “IT Girl” by BabyChampagne Sass of BSD Design
  • Halo: from “Angel of Peace” outfit by Inga Wind of IW Inga Wind Clothing
  • Jewelry Set:  ”Lazy Mist” from  Chop Zuey

POE6 – Ooh-la-licious Skins, Bitsy Boutique, {{BSD Design studio}}, Kunglers

My name is… Sophie

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Skin: POE6 GLOBE #101 – Ooh-la-licious Skins, Ooh-la-licious Skins,  POE6 hunt gift -0L$-

Abito / Dress: POE6 GLOBE #192 – Bitsy Boutique, Bitsy Boutique,  POE6 hunt gift -0L$-

Scarpe / Shoes: POE6 GLOBE #040 – {{BSD Design studio}},  {{BSD Design studio}},  POE6 hunt gift -0L$-

Collana / Necklace: POE6 GLOBE #028 – Kunglers, Kunglers,  POE6 hunt gift -0L$-

POE6 – Hudson’s Clothing Co., {{BSD Design Studio}}

POE6. Empezó el espectáculo III


Y seguir con POE6 es es un lujazo por los botines (reconozco que mucho mucho no se ven pero no ha podido ser mejor la muestra, ya se siente) pero también es un lujazo por el vestido tan maravilloso que lo tenéis dentro de la bola del mundo en HUDSON’s.

Dios mío, no os podéis imaginar que trabajo me va a costar a mí el hacer limpieza del inventario que, como al principio de todos años recién llegados, tengo la propuesta seria de hacerle uno. (Nunca llega)  :)

Pero tanto regalo no va a poder ser y no sé el qué :(

Sabéis cuántos items tengo? 97.014 items. Me parece que se merece una limpieza sips.

Pero bueno, queda todo un mes que imagino que lo llenare de regalos maravillosos que caen por estas fechas. Os intentaré tener informados.

Mientras, besicos y feliz PUENTAZO ;)


Vestido_ HUDSON’s _ #165

Botines_ {{BSD Design studio}}_ #040

POE6 – K Collection, {{BSD Design studio}}

Peace On Earth Continues ..

peace on Eath continues.


Outfit:K Collection @ [Liv Glam] Busy (for me) Coat DressSP FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUN

Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}IT girl-shinning black In FOR PEACE ON EARTH HUNT

peace on earth continues bis