POE6 – Ample Avi – Full Figure Shapes, BlueMoon Enterprise

POE6 Post 21 Ample Avi, Blue Moon Enterprise

POE6 Post 21 Ample Avi, Blue Moon Enterprise 1
Xme Xui of Ample Avi created this shape for her Christmas gift under the POE tree.  I paired it with this exquisitely detailed gown from Solas with Blue Moon Enterprise.  You have butterfly like angels, stars and sparkles and O little Town of Bethlehem or the little mountain cabin love nest  (your call) all in your dress!!  Who needs a purse???
POE6 Post 21 Ample Avi, Blue Moon Enterprise 2
I miss snow at Christmas time … I mean just for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I love the “nesting feeling” where you snuggle in around a fire and your whole family is there …. Grandma screaming from the bedroom that she can’t find her dentures … one of the kids throwing up on the new bedding you just bought … Uncle Elmer passed out under the tree somewhere … the other kids high on candy fighting over who gets to pick the cookies for Santa and dad watching hockey and having a swell time while you cry that you will never make it through the night ….
It just screams … THIS is the best night ever!!!  Well next to that second week in January when all the bills come in and you wonder what the hell you were thinking and how can a bunch of twinkling lights and shiny stuff so mesmerize you into buying a laughing reindeer that glows in the dark, and opens its mouth so you can open beer bottles on it’s teeth would be a good idea for the rec room??  THAT day is pretty epic too.
POE6 Post 21 Ample Avi, Blue Moon Enterprise 3
Anyway be quiet because this girl elf showed up last night saying she had baked “brownies” for Schmelf and they are somewhere in my dress … “eating them” and doing a whole lot of laughing ….  (he went with the little cabin in the woods love nest theme).
SHAPE:  Ample Avi for POE 6
OUTFIT:  Blue Moon Enterprise BMe Peace on Earth Dress for POE 6

Silken Moon, ~Eclectica Jewelry~, BlueMoon Enterprise, *IW* Inga Wind CLothing

Peace on Earth hunt

This is the 6th year for the POE hunt and I was so honored to have Sequoia Nightfire ask me to blog for the hunt this year. This is the first time I’ve blogged a hunt this big! I’m really excited and a little nervous, but I hope I put together some incredible photos and posts that you’ll remember and encourage you to do the hunt.


The hunt starts tomorrow, Dec 1 and lasts until Jan 6th. Probably the biggest hunt in all of Second Life with more than 200 designers! So while you have plenty of time, it’s best to get started asap. Be sure to tell your friends about it and most of all, have fun.


I’ve put together an outfit using several hunt items to create my version of a ‘Snow Angel’. The skirt from BlueMoon Enterprise is simply incredible. It features a little scene of a cabin in the snow and comes with several options, snow/light and more. The wings and halo I’m wearing are from Inga Wind, the hunt item you get is actually a full outfit, but again I used several pieces to create one outfit. My necklace is also a POE6 hunt item from Eclectica, and my eyebrows are from Silken Moon.

Again I hope you guys enjoy this hunt and that it brings you some peace during the holidays.
For more information on the hunt please check [HERE].

POE6 Hunt items
Silken Moon – Ice Angel eyebrows
Eclectica – Pendant
BlueMoon Enterprise – Peace on Earth Dress
*IW* Inga Wind – Angel of Peace